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How Exposure to Blue Light Affects Your Brain and Body


1. The disruption to your sleep schedule might leave you distracted and impair your MEMORY the next day.

2. A poor night's sleep caused by smartphone light can make it HARD TO LEARN.

3. Over the long term, not getting enough sleep can lead to NEUROTOXIN buildup that makes it even harder for you to get good sleep.

4. People whose melatonin levels are suppressed and whose body clocks are thrown off by light exposure are more prone to DEPRESSION.

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5. By disrupting melatonin and sleep, smartphone light can also mess with the hormones that control hunger, potentially increasing OBESITY RISK.

6. There's a connection between light exposure at night and the disturbed sleep that come with it and an increased risk of breast cancer and prostate CANCERS.

7. Researchers are investigating whether or not blue light could lead to CATARACTS.

8. There's some evidence that blue light could damage our vision by harming the RETINA over time - though more research is needed.

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