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11 Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer That Every Guy Needs to Know! Do NOT Ignore!

Prostate cancer is one of the most common and feared types of cancer for men. If it’s detected early, it is unlikely that it will pose a threat to your life.

Here are 11 signs that you need to watch out for :

  1. A burning sensation during urination
  2. Difficulty starting or ending urination
  3. Urine flow is weaker than normal
  4. Blood in your urine
  5. Frequently waking up at night to urinate
  6. Discomfort and swelling in pelvic area
  7. Erectile dysfunction
  8. Pain or pressure in the rectum
  9. Discomfort when sitting
  10. Pain in bones throughout your body
  11. Unexplained weight loss

Remember to visit your doctor if you experience any of these signs and symptoms.

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