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9 Top Nutrients For Mood Balance and A Sense of Calm

There are plenty of herbal remedies and natural compounds that boost mood and soothe anxietyƗ

Many of these remedies also have strong scientific backing that demonstrates their effectiveness.

Setting The Foundation For A Positive Mood

Before (or while) you make use of herbs and other therapeutic remedies, it’s important to give your brain it's necessary nutritional foundation.

Your brain and nervous system require vitamins and minerals to function optimally and keep you feeling good. You’d be surprised at how important these micronutrients are for keeping you in that zen state of mindƗ.

If you’re deficient in crucial vitamins and minerals, the results can be very unpleasant. Anxiousness and low moods can become your normal state of feeling if you're not getting proper nutrition.

Let’s take a look at the role that certain nutrients play in how you feel.

9 Top Nutrients for Mood Balance

1. Magnesium

Researchers have found that the body’s stress response system can become dysregulated due to magnesium deficiency [1].

Magnesium deficiency is associated with anxiousness, and magnesium supplementation has been evidenced to calm people [2]. Magnesium also tends to lower cortisol, a stress hormone that can leave you feeling amped up [3].

Incredibly, a huge review of lots of clinical studies have concluded that “magnesium is effective” in significantly improving mood in adults [4]. All signs point to magnesium being a crucial and powerful mineral that promotes brain health.

Magnesium is thought to promote good mood in multiple ways, including lowering inflammation and balancing out neurotransmitter signallingƗ.

2. Vitamin B6

Stress is the first step toward chronic anxiety and low mood. In fact, stress plays a huge role in most people’s mood imbalances [5]. When we get stressed, we get depleted of important vitamins and minerals that our brain needs to perform optimally.

Vitamin B6 is one of those nutrients that stress depletes out of your body [6]. And supplementation with vitamin B6 has also been shown to reduce stress [6]. B6 is involved in the health maintenance of the nervous system and in the synthesis of feel-good neurotransmittersƗ.

3. Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)


Researchers have correlated feelings of anxiousness with deficiency in this B vitamin, probably because folic acid is involved in the synthesis of neurotransmittersƗ [7]. And because of its role in neurotransmitter synthesis, and the fact that some people don’t process folic acid adequately, researchers are adamant that people with chronic low mood should have their folic acid levels checked or supplement with folic acid [8].

Because of folic acid’s requirement for generating the feel-good hormone serotonin, deficiency of this vitamin is “a neglected problem” in the medical community in regards to brain healthƗ [9].

4. Vitamin D

You can get vitamin D from sun exposure and a few foods but most people are deficient because of so much time spent indoors (and protecting our skin with sunscreen lotions).

Deficiency in this sunshine vitamin is correlated with lower mood Ɨ [10]. Why? Vitamin D is required for the enzyme that produces serotoninƗ [11]! If you want to feel the soothing effects of serotonin and the feeling of contentment that it encourages, you have to have adequate vitamin DƗ.

5. Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

By this point, you’ve probably noticed that you need B vitamins help balance your moodƗ. Thiamine is no exception. Lower levels of thiamine have been associated with poor mood and the B vitamin is involved in the “secretion of serotonin”Ɨ[12].

6. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Here’s another B vitamin that you need for a good moodƗ [13]. Riboflavin may help dampen inflammation in the brain, which interferes with neurotransmitter signalling and can harm brain cells [14].

7. Niacinamide

Deficiencies in the B vitamin niacin “may contribute” to poor moodƗ [14].

Niacinamide is an especially absorbable and therapeutic form of niacin [15].

Niacin is a building block for serotonin. It is also a building block for an enzyme called NAD+, which moderates several processes related to mood and brain function like inflammation, how your neurons use energy, and protects neurons from damageƗ [16][17].

8. Chromium

Chromium is a trace mineral and supplementing with it has been shown to boost mood [18]. Researchers think that the mineral fights low mood by improving how your cells use sugar for energy and by increasing serotonin synthesis in the central nervous systemƗ [18].

9. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is needed for the synthesis of the calming serotonin neurotransmitter and other feel-good neurotransmittersƗ [20]. B12 deficiency is associated with low mood and anxiousnessƗ [20].

10. Fish Oil

It’s not a vitamin or mineral but it does contain nutrients that your brain needs to function optimallyƗ. You brain is literally made out of fish fat - the DHA omega 3 fat that’s in seafood makes of around 40% of fat in your brain. Your neurons need DHA to best receive and release neurotransmitters [21]. These aquatic fats are crucial for the infrastructure of your brain cells.

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Evan has years of experience researching and writing about the health effects of food and nutritional supplements. He is especially passionate about nutritional pharmacology and the bioavailability, efficacy, and actions of supplements. He wants to spread knowledge about how effective diet and supplements can be at treating ailments and promoting well-being. Learn more about Evan here.

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