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4-Steps To Naturally Cleanse And Detox Your Colon

It happens all the time…

You think you are doing the right things for your health. You are exercising. Eating a healthy diet. Taking your supplements. Thinking good thoughts.

Still you don’t feel great, are low in energy, are in pain, or have other symptoms of poor health.

So what’s wrong, and what can you do about it?

The answer is that you are probably neglecting one of the most important parts of your holistic health—cleansing the digestive system and internal organs.

Over 2000 years ago the great Greek physician, Hippocrates said

"All disease begins in the gut."

Fast forward two millenniums of research, advancements in technology, and medicine to today and researchers from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School and M.I.T are all saying, “Death begins in your gut!”

If you aren’t cleansing the digestive system and internal organs routinely (including the colon and liver), you can’t expect those organs to operate effectively and deliver optimal health.

When your digestive system is clean and balanced, your body is healthy. When it is not, your digestive system becomes impaired, and your health slowly deteriorates.

So what’s the best colon cleansing plan? It’s always going to be the one that works for you!

Here’s one that I have used with my patients over the past twenty years:

Why Does This 4-Step Colon Cleansing Plan Work?

Probably the best way to explain why the four steps work well is to examine them in depth from the perspective of what they do and don’t do.

Drinking Water

Drinking water will begin to rehydrate all the tissues of the digestive system, which have a high need for water. If the tissues remain dehydrated, the colon can’t function properly because it needs to dissolve the toxins in the water. A colon without water can be thought of as a dried up organ instead of a functional one.

Getting the water right won’t alter the probiotic bacteria living in the colon. It won’t alter diarrhea or some of the other symptoms of a non-functioning colon. But it will rehydrate the colon, and that alone can help someone get colon function back.

Rehydrating the colon won’t do anything for the parasite population in the gut. You’ll need a specific parasite cleansing formula for that.

A Colon Cleanse Supplement

A colon cleanse supplement is a combination of herbs with one goal in mind: to cleanse the cells of the colon. Cells love to give up their waste products, and when they do, the cleaned cells will reward you with fewer symptoms. Even headaches and PMS are improved with a cleaned-out colon.

To a small degree, a colon cleanse may rebuild some of the 300+ species of probiotics that are supposed to be living in the intestinal tract. Studies show that adding herbs somehow encourages the growth of the proper bacterial flora and discourages growth of the pathogenic, disease-causing bacteria.

But a colon cleanse supplement won’t rehydrate your colon if you haven’t been drinking water. You have to do that separately. The herbs in ColonClean will help remove large quantities of parasites and increase the colon motility, but it won’t be enough to eliminate them totally. You’ll need specific parasite-cleansing herbs for this.

Diet Changes

Diet changes go a long way in helping the colon function properly. Adding more fiber in the diet provides food for the intestinal bacteria to flourish. The antimicrobial constituents of many foods will help keep the numbers of harmful bacteria down while boosting the numbers of the beneficial bacteria.

Vegetables and fruits provide the body with much needed water, but it’s not the same thing as drinking water when it comes to looking at colon function. And diet changes may assist in the removal of parasites, such as when pumpkin seeds, garlic, onions and figs are eaten, but they won’t touch a serious parasite infestation. You’ll need more than diet changes for that.

Can you see now how a good, healthy diet isn’t enough for good colon health? It’s an important part of good health – but it’s not everything.

Probiotic Supplement

A probiotic supplement, like Probio-40 will help restore more of a proper balance of good bacteria in the gut. This helps because the good bacteria help your body synthesize vitamin K and some of the B vitamins.

But if you’re eating a poor diet, all the probiotic supplements in the world aren’t going to be enough to detoxify all the toxins created by the bad diet. The toxins will still remain in high numbers and are a potential source of cancer.

A probiotic supplement won’t cleanse the cells of the intestine either. It will do nothing to rehydrate the intestines that need water for all functions. And it won’t provide you with fiber that your colon needs for colon motility.

Parasite Cleanse Supplement

A parasite cleanse supplement, like Paracel is a combination of herbs that have specific action against parasites. It is designed to eliminate parasites and their eggs from the body, such as by stimulating peristalsis or emitting certain chemicals that harm the parasites directly. The normal cells in your body, however, are untouched.

A parasite cleanse supplement won’t rehydrate your colon. It won’t give you copious amounts of probiotic bacteria like a probiotic supplement or fermented foods will, but it will help foster an environment that is more conducive to parasites fleeing the area.

Paracel won’t replace a good diet either. For example, if you continue eating sushi and undercooked meats, you are potentially increasing the parasite population with just this activity alone.

Thus, a parasite cleanse also has its limitations.

Summary of The 4-Step Colon Cleansing Process

Here’s a quick summary of the 4-step colon cleansing process:

  1. Rehydrate the colon with water.
  2. Begin taking the ColonClean colon cleanse supplement.
  3. Change your diet and add probiotics.
  4. Add a parasite cleanse.

Everyone is different with respect to how long they’ll have to stay on the program. I’ve had many patients with neurological disorders that have poor bowel function, and it took nearly a year to normalize their colon. On the opposite extreme are people who have very little wrong with their intestines and colon, and they finish the entire process in three weeks.

At the end of the three weeks, they make a decision to continue feeling good by rehydrating the colon in the morning. They continue eating a very healthy diet and one with large amounts of fiber from primarily vegetables. They continue taking probiotics because they want their bacterial armies in the gut to be ready for battle, no matter what.

There are other patients of mine who take a good 4-6 months to normalize colon function. These patients are ones that may have travelled to another country and picked up a parasite. They’ve tried single products here and there but never fully tried to restore the entire digestive tract, like what you are learning here.

For parasites, the parasite cleanse must be continued for at least three months to target every form of the parasite that may be present. Doing all four parts of this program is critical to success for every parasite sufferer.

When To Seek Medical Assistance

A decade ago, just about everyone could do a colon cleanse and go through the process with flying colors. However, there have been many changes since then:

  1. GMO foods are everywhere now. When you eat GMO foods, they have to be processed in your digestive system. Since your body wasn’t made to handle this foreign DNA, the ‘bad’ DNA is incorporated into your cells and starts making changes to them. One of the early changes is inflammation, but changes in immunity may occur, followed by cancerous changes in the cells.

  2. Foods don’t contain as many nutrients as before. If you don’t get enough of the vitamins and minerals your body needs, your immunity will suffer. For example, a zinc, selenium, and molybdenum deficiency as well as a vitamin A, C, D, and E deficiency will cause a decline in your immunity and leave you in a state where you are predisposed to cancer.

  3. Processed foods make up the majority of many people’s diets. Processed foods deplete your body of minerals, especially the minerals needed for good immunity. They also deplete you of B vitamins, which your digestive system needs to run its functions.

  4. The physiological changes in the colon over the last decade have accumulated, and now the colon has several signs of disease. Even though you may not feel sick, if these changes are occurring, then a time will come when you will be ill. Plenty of people have died from different illnesses although they never appeared to be sick.

What’s To Be Expected – and What’s Not

While you’re doing a colon cleanse, you might have some temporary uncomfortable feelings. You might experience signs of bloating, abdominal cramps, and start to feel the movement of the food through your intestines – for the first time in a long time! These symptoms should not be disabling, but may be uncomfortable. They are only temporary and improve during the cleanse.

However, if the pain increases to a high level, then it’s time to seek medical assistance. Often what happens is that someone ends up going to the emergency room, and then with ultrasound, the staff finds out there’s nothing wrong! You, of course, know you aren’t making up the signs and symptoms, so what is it? It’s old poop stuck in the intestines trying to get out. It means keep cleansing.

It’s possible that a colon cleanse could uncover a more serious problem that you have in your colon. Perhaps there is a tumor growing there or your intestines are riddled with parasites. If impaction has occurred for a long time, it could have formed a fistula or even possibly cause the colon to spill its contents into another area on the way to the rectum. These types of situations will usually have bleeding, high fever, and fatigue as the symptoms – and these are ones to be medically addressed.

Remember that your body won’t be healthy if it is poisoned by the contents of the colon. Get to the ER if you have these feelings and symptoms.

One more thing to remember is that you must use your intuition. Intuition will ALWAYS protect you. So if you have a strong feeling to go to the ER, then go! Don’t second guess yourself. People who don’t need to go to the ER don’t ever get the thought in their head that they must go. Only those who need to go get such a thought. Pay attention to this when or if your body tells you.

It may be that intuition is telling you to get to the ER because the doctor might diagnose something else ... you never know. Don’t be afraid. Just get to the ER Room if you feel a strong need to go. The end result might be saving your life.


Your colon performs many functions. If any of the functions are off, then signs and symptoms will arise. These signs and symptoms may propel you to go see a medical doctor for diagnosis, but nevertheless, they are still giving you one primary message: it’s time to cleanse your colon.

Cleansing your colon means taking an herbal combination that helps clean out each one of the different cells of the intestinal tract, and especially the colon. There are 10 remedies you can try to clean the colon quickly. However, cleansing the colon over a period of six weeks is a better idea because this way, you can remove the deep wastes of the intestines.