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Thank you for downloading “10 Top Foods to Boost Your CandidaGone”. This valuable guide will show you some of the best foods you can eat to help nourish your thyroid, as well as your entire body.

And while it’s true that eating the right kinds of foods has a significant effect on your well-being, the truth is that food itself can only do so much. Once you discover which foods can help support your thyroid, you’ll want to continue maintaining its optimal health -- but how?

The Candida Breakthrough That Could End YEARS of Suffering... Using All Natural Methods

X% of Americans have have intestinal Parasites!
Keep reading to find out how you can combat the spread…

The lifestyle choices we make such as drinking soda, eating sweets and taking birth control is causing an overgrowth of yeast infection - leading to millions of us with less than optimal health and digestive issues. [1]

Our modern lifestyle we live in has made us highly prone to the single most common yeast infection out there – Candida. The scary part is, just the simple (and common) act of taking antibiotics, birth control pills, or even just eating a diet high in sugar can drastically increase your chance of developing this nasty fungal infection.

Even just a low-level of Candida in your body can cause symptoms such as depression, anxiety, a craving for sweets, brain fog, and the list goes on..

It’s unfortunate that this yeast infection lives inside SO many of us (ESPECIALLY if you take birth control or antibiotics) and you end up spending your whole life wondering…

  • Why does my breath always stink?

  • Why do I always feel scatter-brained and can’t focus?

  • Why is it that everyone around me has so much energy and I don’t?

  • Why am I the only one who struggles to get out of bed and start my day before noon?

Fact of the matter is, by eliminating candida out of your body – you’re opening up the doors to complete relief, free of digestive issues, clear skin, and the vitality to live your life to the fullest.

Eliminating Candida Will Open Up the Doors to
A Healthy, Active, And Stress-Free Life

Hi, my name is Dr. Donna Schwontkowski I’m one of the lead researchers here at Nutracraft. Having a Masters degree in Herbology and a degree in Nutrition, I have extensively studied natural solutions for getting rid of Candida.

Evan and I have been traveling worldwide - connecting with hundreds of doctors across the globe - to find the best ways to eliminate Candida. We’ve spent literally thousands of hours looking for the best mix of substances to kill the infection.

Sadly, the majority of doctors think prescribing antibiotics is the best way to get rid of the yeast infection. The problem with this is, antibiotics can only do so much. You need to focus on regrowing and nourishing your gut to create a healthy gastrointestinal system - something that antibiotics don’t do.

You see, the reason I’ve set out on this journey to fix my Candida issue is because I suffered from it myself – for years.

I always felt like there was something wrong with me.

I was always anxious over the littlest things, I was never happy, and I don’t even want to think of those sleepless nights because of my chronic stomach pains.

It’s like every day I woke up with something new that aches.

Most of the doctors I went to would tell me to hop on some antibiotics, kill the bacteria, and off you go to living a happy life.

But it’s never that easy.

Eventually, I started getting these weird rashes, I was feeling dizzy, my stomach was hurting, and I just wasn’t feeling right after taking antibiotics. Turns out antibiotics just aren’t the answer to getting rid of Candida.

Antibiotics Can Actually Do Your Body More HARM Than Good [2]

This is when we decided to travel across multiple countries, speak to various doctors who specialized in curing candida, and find the NATURAL ways to get rid of Candida.

It took several years but, we have finally come up with a few KEY tricks and natural sources to destroy the yeast infection we’ve been plagued with.

Here’s the thing, the way our society is structured - with antibiotics handed over to us anytime we feel the slightest bit sick – it’s no surprise that Candida has become the most common infection out there. Even birth control will accelerate the yeast infection in your body.

To top things off, we are eating high sugar diets which just spreads the infection even more.

You Might Not Even Realize That There’s Candida
Inside Your Body This Very Second.

Just think about it, we go to our job where we are constantly in a fight-or-fligh mode and are constantly stressed. This stress then starts to slow down our digestion and triggers inflammation.

So what do we do to drown our sorrows away from our stressful day?

We drink alcohol which makes the whole candida problem even worse. Since alcohol is fermented and contains sugar, it begins to feed the yeast and grows the Candida even more. Then after all that, you wake up sick one day. Maybe you start having allergies, skin problems, or asthma.

When you go to visit the doctor he prescribes you corticosteroids (like Prednisone) – which is yet another contributing factor to Candida overgrowth. [3]

Now I’m sure you can see why so many people have Candida and don’t even know it.

We tend to blame other factors when in reality, Candida is causing us:

What if I told you with the information I’m about to give you…

You Can Finally Get Rid of Candida WITHOUT Antibiotics

Sound too good to be true?

Well I think it’s time I let you in on some of the secrets to get rid of your Candida overgrowth.

But before I do that – you need to know what Candida even is and how it’s growing in your body without you even noticing it.

So Candida is actually the single most common yeast infection in the world. It’s got this nasty habit of building up in your intestines. Yes that means it’s building up in your skin, mouth, and vagina. The thing is, Candida naturally occurs in your body but in small amounts. So when your immune system becomes weak or your gastrointestinal tract (your insides) aren’t healthy – then it’s going to spread like wildfire.

Sounds gross, I know – that’s why you need to follow what I tell you in order to purge yourself of such a debilitating yeast infection.

You see, our gut actually needs trillions of good bacteria in order to function properly and in a healthy way. But, when the good bacteria is overpowered by “bad” bacteria then your body begins to deteriorate and you start feeling like crap.

That’s when you start feeling all of these health problems like depression, anxiety, brain fog, and digestive issues.

When we decide to hop on a course of antibiotics – you are literally killing off ALL the bacteria in your body. That means the GOOD bacteria AND the BAD bacteria are both being destroyed.

It’s like resetting the bacteria war that is happening in your body.

You know what’s even scarier?

The Candida in your body develops this shield that acts like a bodyguard. The science-y term they call it is “Biofilms”. They’re basically these conglomerations of sugars and proteins that is produced by the Candida to shield itself from any outside threats that are trying to kill it (such as antibiotics or herbs).

Yes that’s right, this darned Candida has a BODYGUARD that PROTECTS ITSELF from being destroyed by antibiotics. When you decide to take those antibiotics, sure – you may be killing off some of the bad bacteria.

BUT, the Candida is surviving inside your body while the good guys die off.

You may be wondering, if antibiotics can’t even kill the Candida, then what will?

Well luckily, as you will see later on…

We have come up with the PERFECT synergistic blend of powerful ingredients to destroy the Biofilm, penetrate through, and actually kill off the yeast infection once and for all.

But before I tell you the special blend that kills Candida, here are some of the key secrets that we have worked with specialized doctors in order to zap the yeast infection right away.

Solution #1) You NEED To FIX Your Poor Diet
Filled With Carbs, Candy, and Pure Garbage

Going back to our gut health (the good and bad bacteria we were talking about before), the reason why your diet plays such a huge role is because the food you are putting in your body is what the Candida is feeding off of.

So by eating processed foods like white bread, pasta, soda, and candy – you are basically creating the perfect environment inside your body for the yeast infection to thrive.

Want to know the real reason we’ve been told that we need sugars and carbs in our diet in order to stay healthy and perform at our best?

Because it’s what makes the sugar industry the big bucks.

And it’s messing up our health. It’s creating an overgrowth of BAD bacteria such as Candida in our body.

What’s the solution?

Follow a diet with NO sugar and MINIMAL carbohydrates.

When you change your diet to eliminate sugars – you are depriving the Candida in your body with it’s main source of energy to stay alive.

Candida feeds off of these bursts of sugar and by following a diet low in carbs and high in healthy fats – you are creating a good and healthy environment inside your gut microbiome.

Picture it like this…

If you stay on the course of eating a high sugar, high carbohydrate diet (by the way this is pretty much the standard American diet), then you are on the same side as the bad guys. You are helping the Candida grow inside your body, recruiting more bodyguards (Biofilm), and causing you to feel a ton of health problems.

On the other side…

By adopting a healthy ketogenic or paleo lifestyle, with NO sugars and minimal carbohydrates, you are creating a healthy gut free of infections.

You’re enhancing the GOOD bacteria in your body, helping destroy the bad bacteria, and ultimately creating the proper scenario for your insides to perform the way it was supposed to. To give our GOOD bacteria even more help, you should be eating grass-fed meats, lots of salads, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Let’s move onto the second secret against the battle of Candida, shall we?

Solution #2) Start consuming probiotics to finally
get rid of the Candida overgrowth in your body

Here’s another secret that has proven to help treat yeast infections worldwide…

The simple act of incorporating probiotics into your daily routine will do WONDERS to your gut health.

There’s a lot of different ways you can get probiotics. Some ways obviously more effective than others.

The reason probiotics are so important for fighting off Candida is because you are helping create the proper environment like I said before in order to purge your yeast infection.

Pretend like the inside of your body is an entire city in and of itself.

Now what if that city had no landscapers, no garbage men, and no trash cans. Overtime, the whole city will end up a complete mess. The streets would be littered with garbage all over the place, things will smell, and it would be an all around disgusting place to live.

That’s what your insides would act like IF you aren’t caring for your gut health.

This “city” inside us is called our gut microbiome. And if neglected, it will start to get infested with all types of pathogens such as Candida.

By increasing the amount of probiotics you are putting into your body, you are increasing the amount of good bacteria which, in turn, will prevent the Candida from colonizing your gut and spreading.

It’s time to move onto the third, final, and most powerful secret to destroying Candida for good.

Up until now, we’ve discussed ways to treat candida that require a lot of discipline, effort, and time. Don’t worry - I know it seems like you have to COMPLETELY change your life just to get rid of your candida.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

You see, the trick to killing candida in your gut is by destroying BOTH the biofilms AND the candida itself. And by boosting your immune system at the same time to increase your defenses against candida – you WILL be able to get rid of your candida overgrowth once and for all.

We have found the following secret to be the most successful and helped take back the lives of thousands of people suffering from Candida.

Solution #3) Regularly Take This Natural Highly-Effective Concoction

If you can manage to take these herbs and ingredients on a consistent basis – be ready to finally nourish your gastrointestinal system, get rid of your mood swings, lose weight easier, and live a vibrant life.

Natural Remedy #1


Reishi mushroom is best known for its immune-boosting effects and has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. It’s one of the oldest medically-used mushrooms and has been traditionally known for promoting longevity.

It also stimulate the number and activity of a variety of your immune cells and antimicrobial chemicals – making it easier for your body to fight pathogens like candida. Reishi has also shown direct antifungal activity against candida [2].

Natural Remedy #2

Oregano Oil

Oregano is a super effective, spicy, fungus-killing herb that has been known as an antimicrobial for a long time.

The active ingredient in oregano oil that makes it such a powerful candida-killer is carvacrol. There’s actually a study showing how carvacrol was just as effective as a pharmaceutical antifungal drug in terms of killing candida [3].

It’s truly mind-boggling how carvacrol works. What it does is it damages the envelope that surrounds and protects candida [4]. Once that envelope is damaged – the candida is left lifeless, powerless, and exposed.

Natural Remedy #3


You may have heard of acidophilus before – it’s a strain of probiotic. As discussed before, good bacteria in the form of probiotics make it very hard for bad and unhealthy bacteria to flourish in your body.

There has also been extremely clear evidence that acidophilus can prevent the potential flourishing of candida. It interrupts the growth stages of the fungus and fights the formation of biofilms (a slime shield that supports the growth of candida if left untreated) [5].

Natural Remedy #4

Anise Seed

Anise seed has been used in traditional Iranian medicine, partially as an antimicrobial medicine but is also being used for tooth polishing and for the improvement of skin complexion. There are several pieces of research evidence that prove this medicinal plant to destroy candida.

Natural Remedy #5

Aloe Vera

Researchers are impressed by the promising antifungal properties of aloe vera because it’s been shown to arrest candida growth and stop the branching out of the arms or “germ tubes” that the candida uses to support and grow itself [7].

Using these 5 extremely effective ingredients will leave you feeling like a brand new person full of energy.

I understand that it can get very hard to completely change your life around just so you can get rid of candida. No one really wants to get rid of carbs altogether, eliminate sugar completely, and buy multiple different candida-fighting foods all the time.

Now get this..

After all of our hard work finding the best ways to stop candida in its tracks…

We have developed one of the most effective supplements on the market that combines all of the ingredients listed above into something special….

CandidaGone: A synergistic blend of the most effective ingredients that will supercharge your gastrointestinal health, rebuild good bacteria, and create the powerhouse needed to keep yeast infections at bay.

CandidaGone is a supplement we have been working on for years to perfect. Developed by Nutracraft, it’s sole purpose is to create the perfect environment inside your body to defend itself from infections, helps eliminate biofilm, and make your body function into a well-oiled machine.

You see, by restoring your gut microbiome and building up your defenses against yeast infections, you will feel healthier, look better, and begin to have balance back into your life.

We have spent thousands of hours, manpower, and research to carefully craft CandidaGone into a complete powerhouse of a supplement that will finally have you feeling healthy again.

It contains a blend of reishi, oregano oil, acidophilus, aloe vera, and more. This combination will help with supporting a healthy flora and aids in creating an overall healthy gastrointestinal system.


Great product and great company.

"I used this product for an intestinal fungal infection in my ascending colon. The cramps and bloating disappeared within a few days. I know that with fungi you have to change remedies to fight them, especially if it's the nasty type with the roots holding onto the inner walls of the colon. These types of fungi are hard to detect, even in the 3 step stool tests. The nice thing about this company is that they also send you nutritional information that is very valuable in any case of fungal invasion. Great product and great company.”


Thank you, NutraCraft

"Great product. It really works. I'm battling a doctor diagnosed candida overgrowth that has gotten into my blood. This product will not only help kill of candida in your guts, but the antifungal properties assist in killing it off in the blood too. NutraCraft is a great company as well. They send free e-books on helping to adjust to a low sugar to sugar free diet, which is important when fighting candida. They also give you plenty of warning of what to expect as the die-off begins. You WILL feel bad for a while, worse than the candida itself makes you feel, as the candida starts to die off. But after about a month you will start to see improvement in energy, your stomach, and just your overall wellbeing. I will be purchasing again for sure."


Worked for me!

“I ordered these to coincide with the beginning of Lent. Since I planned on giving up sugar and late night snacking I figured that it would be the perfect time to try this product and see if if would help get rid of what I felt was candida overgrowth, especially a persistent yeast infection that was driving me crazy. I am so thankful to have found this product. The difference is like night and day. My yeast infection is gone and my sanity has returned. Yes, the pills do have an odor, but it didn't bother me and I was able to take them just fine with no digestive issues or heartburn. I did experience what I guess were "die off" symptoms during the first few days of taking these (intense headaches the first 2-3 days, skin breakout and blurry vision that felt like my eyes were dirty or had a film on them). The blurry vision lasted for several days but thankfully has gone away and I feel so much better overall and have more energy. I still have a week's worth of pills to take and plan on ordering another bottle to have on hand. I might try taking one a day or every other day for maintenance.”

Sylvia G.

Here’s the thing that you need to do to be doing...

Now that sounds like a lot of work just to get rid of candida – I know.

That’s why we spent thousands of dollars of our own money just to perfect CandidaGone into an all-in-one supplement that actually works.

By simply taking 2 capsules a day (with food), you’re going to be strengthening your gut AND creating the perfect environment in your body.

You will feel healthy again, the depressive weight will be lifted off your shoulders, and you will finally feel like your body is functioning how it’s supposed to - optimally.

All in one bottle..

This is a steal and it almost doesn’t seem fair that we have created such a fantastic product for such a cheap price. We have focused on using the highest quality ingredients with the exact amount of each in order for it to work as effective as possible.

Unlike other supplement companies who just want you for your money, we actually have 100% wildcrafted ingredients. This means we are harvesting the plants from their natural state and is of the highest quality.

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This is an absolute steal for the quality you are getting. Our main focus at Nutracraft is to develop supplements that actually work how they are intended to while, at the same time – we are not charging an arm and a leg.

Matter of fact, after factoring in all the costs to research, develop, and create this product...

We Should be Charging at LEAST Double Than We Really Are.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by grabbing a bottle of CandidaGone.

Just imagine how much happier you’ll feel, less stressed, anxiety-free, and all around healthier once you eliminate candida out of your body.

You will finally experience all of this for just $1 dollar a day for a whole month’s worth of supply.

Getting this deal for such an effective supplement doesn’t happen often. Usually you’ll find other supplements out there claiming to be high quality when in reality, they are usually mixed with a bunch of fillers and low quality ingredients.

We are so confident in our product that we are even going to offer a 60-day EMPTY bottle MONEY BACK guarantee.strong> That’s right – if after the full course of CandidaGone that you decide it didn’t work or you weren’t please with the product – we are offering a FULL money back guarantee.

There really is nothing to lose with this offer.

Let’s quickly go over the deal you’re getting by purchasing CandidaGone.

For just $1.00 a day for a whole month supply – you are getting high quality ingredients specifically tailored to destroy candida and have you feeling healthier, happier, and infection free. On top of that, if you decide that you don’t like it (even after taking the WHOLE bottle) – we are willing to give you a full refund.

It’s time to take back your health and finally get rid of candida for good.

All you have to do is click “Add to cart” and you’re one step away from living candida-free.

After checking out, we will speed the delivery over to you and once the CandidaGone has arrived at your doorstep, simply start with taking two capsules a day and begin to experience a world of vibrant health.

All you have to do is click “Add to cart” and you’re one step away from living candida-free.

You have two major decisions here.

The choice is yours.

If health, a life of energy, and vitality is important to you – then I would choose option 2.

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  • 1 bottle

    ParasiteClear #1 Parasite Fighting Formula

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  • 3 bottles

    ParasiteClear #1 Parasite Fighting Formula

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    $25 EACH


    6 bottles

    ParasiteClear #1 Parasite Fighting Formula

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All you have to do is click “Add to cart” and you’re one step away from living candida-free.

If for some reason, you still haven’t ordered I just want to let you know that CandidaGone is selling like hotcakes. We have a very limited supply because it is tough to keep such a high quality product in stock at all times.

If you’re serious about healing your gut, getting rid of your yeast infection, and taking your life back – time is very important and the longer you wait, the more the candida grows.

6 Other Reasons You’ll Love Nutracraft ParasiteClear

Ingredients and Directions


  • Zinc (amino acid chelate) 10 mg

  • Proprietary Blend 1,475 mg

  • Cranberry (11% extract)

  • Garlic Extract (1.2% allicin)

  • Apple Pectin Powder

  • Apple Pectin Powder

  • Carrot Juice Powder

  • Papaya Fruit Powder

  • Papaya Fruit Powder

  • Pumpkin Seed

  • Echinacea Angustifolia Powder

  • Wood Betony Powder

  • Butternut Bark Powde

  • Cloves Powder

  • Wormwood Powder

  • Oregon Grape Root (10:1 extract)

  • Blueberry Leaf (20% extract)

  • Golden Thread (20% extract)

  • Goldenseal (5% extract)


2 capsules taken 3 times daily preferably with meals for 10 days. Repeat in 2 to 3 weeks if necessary or as directed by a health care professional.