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You grabbed your copy of the ebook because you want to cleanse and detox your colon naturally, quickly, and easily without any unhealthy prescription drugs, and that’s exactly what it’s going to do for you.

Here’s The Secret Formula To Supercharge
The Health Of Your Intestines

Your colon can hold up to 20 pounds of built-up solid matter. This is a ticking time bomb for your health. One new breakthrough supplement helps you cleanse your colon and boost your health long term.

PLEASE NOTE: The effective way to cleanse your colon that you're about to discover is for people who want to be free of the symptoms of sluggish digestion and an unhealthy gut and don’t want to spend money on pharmaceutical laxatives that come with side effects.

Hi, this is Evan… lead researcher at Nutracraft… and today I'm here to talk to you about how a synergistic blend of hard-to-come-by ingredients working together to help clean out your intestines and invigorate the health of your gastrointestinal tract all WITHOUT prescription drugs or harsh side effects.

Your intestines are at the epicenter of YOUR HEALTH. More than 2,000 years ago, the famous Greek physician Hippocrates proclaimed,

All disease begins in the gut.


Centuries later, modern science has backed up his claims.

Your gut, as you probably know, absorbs micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and macronutrients like carbs, protein, fat that are needed for the proper functioning of your body.

What you might not know is that your gastrointestinal system also hosts around 70% of your immune system - that’s a ton of immune cells which are needed to keep infections and cancer at bay. Many neurotransmitters are also produced in your gut. That means that your digestive health can have a huge effect on your mood.

Your gut determines how you feel.

And then there’s detoxification - which is extremely important in this increasingly toxic world. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has stated that the current environment is 100 times more toxic than in our grandparents’ time. Pollutants like synthetic pesticides, herbicides, plasticizers in meat and food packaging, and heavy metals are in our food, water, and air. They threaten your body with damage to DNA and tissues and cripple the functioning of your cells.

Your liver is responsible for processing toxins, which it then sends to your gallbladder and your intestines for elimination. So in order to get those toxins out, you have to have a healthy gut!

What Are The Dangers When Your Gut Is Unhealthy?

  • Your body can’t absorb nutrients efficiently

  • You can’t eliminate toxins properly

  • The health of the rest of your body suffers – including your immune system and mood

Unfortunately, most people have unhealthy guts caused by our Western diet, and they can’t feed their healthy gut bacteria properly. These bacteria are extremely important for the health of your gut and whole body.

The result? Unexplained exhaustion, dramatic weight gain, and persistently low mood.

Most of us (including most doctors) don’t recognize or know that digestive and intestinal problems wreak havoc in the entire body. More than 100 million Americans have digestive problems. It’s very likely you suffer from some type of digestive disorder.

Most of us (including most doctors) don’t recognize or know that digestive and intestinal problems wreak havoc in the entire body. More than 100 million Americans have digestive problems. It’s very likely you suffer from some type of digestive disorder.

Take a look at the symptoms of digestive disorder:

These are all the symptoms of a sluggish or unhealthy gut.

Even worse, when you have a sluggish or unhealthy gut, it can lead to malnutrition, indigestion and toxin buildup. These increase the risks of abdominal cramping and a weakened immune system. Eventually, these health problems can cause degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, type II diabetes, heart disease, and even stroke…

Cleanse Your Colon And SUPERCHARGE Your Health With Nutracraft ColonClean

Well, you could use pharmaceutical laxatives to treat constipation and other gut-related problems. But for most, that’s a rather DREADFUL option because these laxatives come with a host of side effects: nausea, bloating, gastrointestinal pain, increased thirst, diarrhea.

No thanks.

Fortunately, you DON’T need to use them at all.

Since there are many herbs that are known to work more comfortably in alleviating constipation, many wonder why harsh laxative drugs would be used instead of natural medicines. For instance, herbs have more of a balancing effect on the frequency of bowel movements in that they can both speed up the movement in constipated guts and slow down diarrhea occurrences in overactive guts.

Instead of trying laxatives – here are the basic steps to take for improving gut health:

To nourish your gut, eat mostly whole fibrous plant foods that feed this healthy bacteria. Many whole plant foods are known as “prebiotics” because they feed the healthy probiotics in your gut.

But with some people, even if healthy habits are practiced, their gut remains sluggish for a variety of reasons.

The REAL solution is using proven ingredients to clean out the intestines.

The most effective ingredient mix for a supplement that cleans the colon will address three primary reasons for an unhealthy gut: constipation, inflammation, and lack of good bacteria. The ingredients listed below help to address these problems in the gut.

ELIMINATE waste and toxins naturally and give your gut an
EXTRA HEALTH-BOOST by taking the following 6 ingredients.

Here they are:

Secret Ingredient #1

Flax Seed

A variety of studies have shown that flaxseed increases the speed of bowel movements [2]. In short, it helps fight constipation. This is because of the insoluble fiber that flax contains - this type of fiber adds bulk and water to bowel movements, making them easier to move through your gut [2]. It also has potential health benefits such as reduction of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, autoimmune and neurological disorders. Flax protein helps in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and in supporting the immune system [2].

Secret Ingredient #2

Psyllium Husk

There’s evidence that psyllium husk has a balancing effect on bowel movements. It can both stimulate movement in sluggish guts and stop diarrhea in overactive guts [3]. In that way, it’s truly an intelligent herb. In one study, psyllium was shown to be more effective than a pharmaceutical laxative at relieving constipation and adding water to stools [4].

Secret Ingredient #3

Senna Leaf

Not only does the tropical plant senna improve constipation, it nourishes intestinal tissue with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties [5]. Senna leaf has also been shown to cleanse colons in preparation for colonoscopy procedures [6]. It profoundly cleans your gut!

Secret Ingredient #4


Research has shown that lactobacillus acidophilus binds to heavy metals and readies them for removal [7]. L.Acidopilus is also evidenced to nourish intestinal walls and lessen the risk of colon cancer [8].

Secret Ingredient #5

Licorice root

This herb addresses the all-important functions of the liver which processes toxins and dumps them into the digestive system. Licorice root can restore liver health, increasing its antioxidant capacity and protecting liver tissue against damage like fat accumulation seen in liver disease [9].

Secret Ingredient #6

Cascara Sagrada

Way back in 1888, the British Medical Journal was documenting the effectiveness of this herb [10]. The author of the article stated that it triumphs in treating constipation when all other remedies fail [10]. Cascara sagrada and senna leaf have similar active ingredients [11].

A Multi-Pronged Plan of Attack that Kicks Parasite
Out of Your Digestive System

Now, you could try to locate all of the above ingredients individually, research the actual extracts of each one, purchase them all separately and pay shipping on each, then sort through study after study to determine the scientific dose of those extracts. But the good news is that we already did ALL that for you…

Your Search For The Best Herbal Colon Cleanse Is Finally Over

These are exactly what the key ingredients in ColonClean are. Each of them has been clinically shown to DRAMATICALLY improve the impact of your colon-cleansing and nourish your gut’s bacteria. Our experts at Nutracraft have put together THIS SAFE and EFFECTIVE formula that does the dirty work in your colon. ColonClean removes the built-up fecal matter and toxins. It is SPECIALLY formulated to support your digestive system and flush harmful waste from your body with natural, pure, and proven ingredients that will gently remove the toxins in your body.

You get real results without the unwanted side effects.

ColonClean is developed for those looking to experience all of the incredible health benefits of a safe and natural herbal detox and colon cleanse WITHOUT those embarrassing "explosive" moments, cramps, and stomach pains.

ColonClean is the best valued detoxer on the market. IT WORKS NATURALLY… it’s as simple as that! The intensive but gentle formula means most people begin to can feel a difference and see results in as little as 1-2 days.

Taking 1-2 capsules per day, with food, is recommended. There is a full month’s supply per bottle.

Cleanse Your Colon And SUPERCHARGE Your Health With Nutracraft ColonClean

Finally, You Have Found the Formula That Combines the
Secret Ingredients to Turbocharge Your Gut Health

Using Nutracraft’s revolutionary ColonClean, you will get the formula of 100% natural components that clean and detox your intestines.

ColonClean allows you to:

  • Get real and 100% natural results

  • Eliminate waste and toxins from your body, so you look and feel healthier

  • Lose weight in the healthy way that you’ve dreamed about

  • Cleanse and detox your gut, so you can forget persistent exhaustion

  • Strengthen your immune system so you have less risk of degenerative diseases

ColonClean is a forceful combination of all-natural ingredients that you can get ONLY HERE at Nutracraft.

It’s gentle. Unlike laxatives, ColonClean comes WITHOUT any unwanted side effects, such as nausea, bloating, gastrointestinal pain, increased thirst, and diarrhea.

Just trust ColonClean and give it 2 days. You will feel the DIFFERENCE! It takes care of your gut health quickly and efficiently. You will experience the best results after 15 days.

Most Doctors Don’t even know to Look for Parasites when a Patient Complains of Gastrointestinal Distress and weakness!

At Nutracraft, we know that other similar products cost less, but there’s a simple reason for that. They’re not only cheaper, but they are also less effective!

At Nutracraft, we don’t think ANYBODY should save money by giving their colon and body a low quality, inefficient formula full of toxins with unwanted side effects.

If you don’t want to risk, choose ColonClean today.

We take pride into our quality

All of our products are manufactured and tested in the USA. Many other companies claim their products are made in the US, while the actual ingredients come from China. As there is little or no supervision there, it means no guarantee of the purity of their supplements and vitamins. This is the cost of the low-price tags on their products.

At Nutracraft, none of our ingredients come from overseas. And on top of that, we have an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered facility using Good Manufacturing Practices. What does it mean for you?

Our products are continually tested to meet the highest quality standards in the US. The most renowned FDA-registered doctors and biochemists work on our products, such as ColonClean, to improve your health.

Regardless of how healthy you are, you deserve nutritional supplements that you can trust.

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Unlike prescription candida treatments, Candicel has no harsh side effects. There are no messy creams or ointments to apply. Every ingredient in Candicel is wildcrafted – meaning only the most potent parts of the plant are harvested without the need to kill the remaining plant itself – ensuring that we continue to care for nature as much as nature cares for us.

You’ll also be glad to know that Candicel is made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility. We follow strict sourcing and safety procedures, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best ingredients at the best possible prices.

You Don’t Have to Believe Us, Just See What Our Customers Say about Us:

Awesome!! Works like it says

Awesome!! Works like it says!!! I've lost 7 pounds in a week!!! It sure cleanses my body and it feels nice to be a little lighter than before!! I would recommend it and reorder it!


It really works fine, you ill get what you paid for and what you are looking for!!!

“You just get what you pay for. I've been using Colon Cleanse for 5 days now. Everyday I went to the bathroom more. You are going to spent your time there, really you are. The first day I drank only one cap, I went 2 times. The second day I took 1 cap again and I went 3 times. The 3rd I increased by using 2 caps I went 4 times. The 4th I used 2 caps and went 5 times. Today I went 6 times until now. which is afternoon. Its really helpful. I lost about 4 pounds, and feel better in the morning with more energy. About side effects I haven't felt any yet. Only stomach cramps but that is normal. Haven't been dizzy, or nauseous at all. I will write another review of it in a couple of days. I sincerely recommend Colon Cleanse by Nutracraft!!!”

Raycard M. R. Lovera


"Five Stars"

t ogundana

Works great

"This stuff works overnight as if says. It has all natural ingredients so I feel good about that. Also very good customer service and money back guarantee : ) I'll be using this often.

devon mcvey

Are You Ready To Cleanse And Detox
Your Colon In The Most Natural Way?

With ColonClean you get a gentle, painless, and safe detoxification, GUARANTEED!

We protect you with a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee, so you can try its effects risk-free. The simplest reason why we trust ColonClean? Because IT WORKS.

If you don’t experience a significant change, we give you a complete refund in the next 60 days, even if you send back an empty bottle. We don’t ask anything, just issue a refund IMMEDIATELY.

You can only win with ColonClean.

Simply, click "BUY NOW" and you’ll get ColonClean ultra fast.

The sooner you do, the sooner you can begin to boost your health.

Great product! It works.

This product is great. It does what it is supposed to do. I feel like it has helped me to lose weight. I am glad that I have purchased it. I will buy again!


Great cleanse so far

Great cleanse so far, started having a movement at least once or twice a day now before i would have maybe once a day or 2 days. It was very aggressive the first day, but that was my fault for not taking the right amount starting out. I'm on my last week now and i feel great, the first week did alot for me and i'm enjoying this product alot. I"m trying to lose weight as well so i'll be back with how much i lost during this two week cleanse. Good product though, would recommend this and other nutracraft products honestly, i've done the parasite and candida cleanse and those did wonders for me, so i had to try this one.

July 2015 Update So I forgot to update my results, but I've ran through three different bottles now and with a great exercise routine I've lost over 50 pounds! These were the only supplements I used along with daily vitamin gummies along with a 3 times a week, 2 mile running cardio plan. Anytime I had a cheat day (and yes icecream, brownies, and cookies were calling me), oh lawwdddd these pills would make me pay for it and put me back on track. But I'm glad though, because these things constantly did their work, especially waking up in the morning. If your reading this, grab them trust me they will do wonders for you! But prepared to be "dropping the kids off at the pool" and "paying the water bill a lot" : - )


So far its great!

Ordered arrived yesterday, I took 1 pill last night and this morning I think its safe to say it definitely worked! No cramping either waking me up in the middle night which is a definite plus! Ill update my review if things change over my course of taking this product. But for right now I like it!


6 Other Reasons You’ll Love Nutracraft ColonCleanse


2 capsules taken 3 times daily preferably with meals for 10 days. Repeat in 2 to 3 weeks if necessary or as directed by a health care professional.