The Ultimate
Prostate Health

Just-released prostate health cheatsheet reveals everything you need to know about prostate health from foods to eat to natural remedies…

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate - and how to tell if something could be wrong.

  • The 20 foods shown in research to support a healthy prostate (#4 and #9 are my favorite).

  • Drink one cup of this every day to block the creation of DHT, a key component responsible for an enlarged prostate (and hair loss).

  • Which natural compound ‘improved urinary flow in men’ with an enlarged prostate in 4 clinical trials.

  • Answers to the top questions about prostate health (most men are too embarrassed to ask their doctors these things!)

  • And much more!

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"Researchers know the factors that cause the prostate troubles of middle aged and elderly men. They know which hormones and other biomarkers that fuel prostate enlargement and dysfunction. This cheatsheet will show you exactly how foods and natural compounds prevent or reverse the factors that make you prostate unhealthy. After reading, you’ll know which things to put in your body to keep your prostate young!"

Evan Burns (MSc Nutrition), Lead Researcher at Nutracraft

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