Major study discovers an estimated 40% of Americans suffer from a dysfunctional thyroid…12

The Little-Known “T-Hormone” Drop-Off Responsible for Stealing American’s Youth, Energy, and Happiness...

Over 12 million Americans are unaware of their thyroid [dysfunction]… and Women are 5 - 8 times more likely to struggle with thyroid problems than men - American Thyroid Association

Now there’s a formula helping thousands of Americans increase energy, libido and kick start metabolism at any age!

From the Desk of Evan Burns

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

“Have you ever watched a hamster running on a wheel?

“They run, run, run and go nowhere…”

“That’s what I feel like.”

“I’m exhausted all the time…”

“It’s hard for me to fall asleep at night…I toss and turn...”

“Then when I wake up and I feel exhausted. My brain feels foggy all day…“

“And I get all these anxious and depressed thoughts…”

“It’s all too overwhelming…”

My name is Dr Corina Kibsey.

Not too long ago I had a patient come into my practice.

She had trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, brain fog, and unexplained weight gain...

I vividly remember our conversation…

She said.

Her life seemed to be going in reverse… taking one step forward and 3 steps back…

She was gaining weight without eating anything differently than she had 12 months earlier...

She tried changing diets… exercising when she felt the energy… nothing she did I could get it kick-started

It wasn’t just affecting her weight… she also felt bloated after eating. And every time she went to try to do “the business” it just wouldn’t happen for her.

There was no relief…I could see it on her face… she looked hopeless… withdrawn… at her wit's end…

She said I was her last hope…

I asked her, “When did all this start to happen?”

“Well, it all started after giving birth to my beautiful baby boy.”

“It was the happiest day of my life…”

“But about 3 months later… It was as if I was fighting the battle of my life.”

“It started with my sleep” I just couldn’t get a good night's sleep. Even when my Jacob started to sleep through the night.”

I thought this was normal…

Then I would get some sleep… and when I wake up I’d feel like I’d been up all night.

“I told friends about it, they tried to help but they just stopped calling after a while... they gave up trying to help…”

Well, those friends aren’t good friends!

“It nearly ended my marriage as well”

“My husband tried to help me, but looking after a little one and trying to keep the house in order was all too much”

“It really made me feel like a failure, causing more depressed thoughts…”

“I feel hopeless. Useless. If I can’t make my home a happy one or take care of my boy properly, they are probably better off without me...”

Those are some dire words, I thought to myself…

This is the case for so many Americans… and it’s what led me down the path to finding a natural solution to this massive problem.

There is a tiny butterfly-shapedland at the base of the neck.

And it’s so vitally important to our well-being.

It controls our body temperature, metabolic and heart rate, as well as digestion and our mood...

I’m talking about our thyroid.

And my patients’ was malfunctioning… big time.

But she isn’t alone.

According to the American Thyroid Association, there’s 20 million other Americans struggling with thyroid dysfunction…

They also state that 60% of those sufferers go undiagnosed.

Another study estimated that 40% of American adults will suffer from an unhealthy thyroid in their lifetime.

That’s a lot of Americans.

That’s why I’m writing this to you today…

If you’ve been struggling with low energy throughout the day…

You have stubborn body fat that just won’t budge...

You toss and turn all night…

And you feel depressed and it’s not getting better year on year…

There’s a good chance your thyroid is dysfunctional

Thyroid dysfunction can lead to constant worry, depression anxiety, trouble falling asleep and getting a deep sleep, low energy throughout the day and mood swings you can’t control… AND stubborn weight gain and brain fog...

Do this at home self-examination see if your thyroid is working below what it should be…

Here’s how it works…

Answer the following questions as truthfully as possible…

The more of these questions that you answered with a “yes” the more chance you have a weak thyroid that’s causing your health issues.

But don’t worry.

In just a few minutes I’m going to show you a simple natural formula…

That’s helped thousands of Americans help support a healthy, normal functioning thyroid…

Helping them lose stubborn fat… get a deep nights rest… and wake up with energy and happiness that gives them their youth back.

I know this might sound a little out there…

Because I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is actually really common.

Most doctors just prescribe drugs that address the symptoms of a dysfunctional thyroid.

Instead of addressing the root cause of the issue.

So while their indifference may cost you hundreds of dollars in prescription meds you don’t actually need (not to mention fill your body with synthetic hormones, side-effect filled drugs…)

It’s hopeless to say that most doctors don’t seem to give a hoot.

And it’s probably the reason so many Americans suffer from thyroid conditions and aren’t aware of it.

Doctors will chalk your symptoms up to “old age” without treating the root cause of the problem!

You’ll feel like you aren’t really being heard, much less understood.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to not only “jump start” your thyroid, but also keep it functioning the way it should, giving you back the quality of life you deserve!

The truth is modern medicine often doesn’t understand what causes one person’s thyroid to function less than another’s, although there is some research that shows a hereditary link.

A low functioning thyroid can also be linked to poor nutrition or the failure of the body to properly absorb nutrients.

Inflammation in the body can also cause your thyroid to malfunction. Normally, inflammation is your immune system trying to protect you from viral, bacterial, or fungal infections.

But sometimes, your immune system is a bit too overprotective, and the immune system attacks the thyroid instead!

If you’re often under stress, have ulcers, yeast infections or food sensitivities, you may also be at risk for having a low functioning thyroid.

Here’s what will happen if your doctor diagnoses you with low thyroid function

You may think you just have to take a pill and you’ll suddenly feel better. But sadly, that’s not always the case. Low functioning thyroid is generally treated with a “synthetic” thyroid hormone.

Modern medicine has been able to somewhat replicate the body’s natural thyroid hormone in a lab, but not without some SERIOUS side effects.

What’s more, because the hormones that the thyroid puts out aren’t always consistent, blood tests need to be done consistently and the dosage of the synthetic thyroid hormone adjusted.

Too much, and you’ll feel worse than you do now. Too little, and you’ll keep gaining weight, feeling tired, cold, and mentally muddled.

I don’t tell you these things to frighten you, but to let you know that you do have options.

In order to effectively support your thyroid health and keep it functioning within a normal level, you have to employ a whole-body treatment. It is for this very reason that I researched an all-natural method to do just this. I call it the NEB formula.

Introducing the secret NEB formula to help support and nourish a healthy thyroid gland.

Here's what will happen if your doctor diagnoses you with low thyroid function

You may think you just have to take a pill and you'll suddenly feel better. But sadly, that's not always the case. Low thyroid is generally treated with a "synthetic" thyroid hormone.

Modern medicine has been able to somewhat replicate the body's natural thyroid hormone in a lab, but not without some SERIOUS side effects.

What’s more, because the hormones that the thyroid puts out aren’t always consistent, blood tests need to be done consistently and the dosage of the synthetic thyroid hormone adjusted. Too much, and you’ll feel worse than you do now. Too little, and you’ll keep gaining weight, feeling tired, cold, and mentally muddled.

I don't tell you these things to frighten you, but to let you know that you do have options.

In order to effectively support your thyroid health and keep it functioning within a normal level, you have to employ a whole-body treatment. It is for this very reason that I researched an all-natural formula to do just this. I call it the NEB formula.

Introducing the secret NEB formula to help support and nourish a healthy thyroid gland

NEB stands for:

Normalizes thyroid hormones

Enhances energy levels

Balances the immune system

Why is the NEB formula so effective?

Normalizes thyroid hormones - Having adequate levels of thyroid hormones is vital for proper thyroid functioning. If these hormones are out of balance your entire body suffers. There are specific things you can take that can naturally support these hormones within an existing normal range.

Enhances energy levels - An underperforming thyroid can leave you feeling drained and sluggish. The thyroid determines how fast your metabolism is and how quickly your cells perform their jobs. If your thyroid isn’t producing enough hormones, you’ll be fatigued.

There are natural ways you help boost your energy levels without the jittery feeling associated with caffeine and other harsh stimulants.

Balances the immune system -Autoimmunity toward the thyroid is one of the main reasons why the thyroid fails to do its job. It’s not good when your immune system attacks your own thyroid. If you can balance your immune system, you can protect your thyroid so it can do its job.

Using this secret NEB formula is the best way I know of to balance your thyroid. The 3-pronged approach not only helps support the proper balance of thyroid hormones, but it can help boost energy levels and your immune system.

The NEB Formula is specifically designed to offer whole body nutritional support that works to balance and nourish your thyroid.

But the NEB Formula is only a formula. It requires natural ingredients that help support thyroid health. The good news is that there is a collection of herbs and other natural ingredients that can address all 3 parts of the NED formula.

SUPERCHARGE your thyroid health and support optimal thyroid nutrition with these natural ingredients

We have researched scientific studies to find the best natural herbs that have data to back up their antifungal claims and properties.

In fact, some of these natural ingredients may surprise you with just how effective they are.

Do I really need to take all these supplements to support thyroid health?

Now, you could go out to your local supermarket or pharmacy and buy these items individually, but, as any doctor will tell you, too much of a good thing can be bad for your system. Plus, when was the last time you found ashwagandha at your local vitamin or herbal store?

Not to mention the cost of buying all of these supplements individually can put a strain on your wallet.

That's why the nutritionists behind this supplement have meticulously researched and included the right amounts of these ingredients and much more to help your body help itself in nourishing and supporting your thyroid health.

This unique blend of natural ingredients is a scientifically-backed, lab-tested, ultra-convenient solution that addresses all parts of the NEB formula.

With this in mind, many people ask me --

Is there any supplement out there that incorporates all of these ingredients and follows the NEB Formula

There is -- and it’s called ThyroAid.

ThyroAid contains over a dozen carefully selected herbs, including ALL 9 natural ingredients mentioned above, in a precise dose that has been scientifically researched, tested, and encapsulated for your benefit.

The key ingredients in every capsule of ThyroAid are specifically designed to help support natural thyroid health and whole body nutrition.

By addressing each part of the NEB Formula, ThyroAid is the perfect solution to help keep your thyroid functioning within normal levels. Just take 2 capsules per day, and let SCIENCE do the rest.

Now, remember the story of my patient at the start of this article?

Here’s what she had to say after just a week of taking ThyroAid:

“I am pretty shocked by the difference in the way I am feeling. I have been at a loss for how to deal with my symptoms of depression ( unchecked or worsened by 3 different antidepressants), extreme difficulty losing weight, very low energy, hair loss, sugar cravings. I haven't lost weight in some time even with calorie restriction. My routine had been to wake up tired, experience regular midday sleepiness (which triggered snacking), and come home ready to sit until I could get away with going to bed. In the last 5 days I have woken up AWAKE, cleaned, vacuumed under the area rugs as well as on top, organized every cabinet in the kitchen, and FORGOTTEN to eat. I have lost 2 pounds. I am pretty astonished. I am so grateful for the improvement in how I am feeling. I can think of nothing else to credit for it but this [ThyroAid].”

And this was just after one week!

Then she sent me this update...

“UPDATE! Things have only gotten better. My energy is way up, I am sleeping better, and best of all - ZERO depression. Life is as it ever was, busy, challenging, etc. I have had a few emotional events recently that I just handled, no drama, no depression funk. I wish I had tried this years ago. I'm sure this won't be the "cure" for everyone, we all have different needs, but even for a thyroid that is "normal" like my labs said mine was, I think this should be tried for depression, fatigue, and other thyroid symptoms before prescription medicine.”

And this lady isn’t the only one…

Here are a few more...

“Awesome product! I have an underactive thyroid and with that comes exhaustion and brain fog. Before this product I couldn't wait to get home from work so that I could just crash on the sofa. I always felt foggy and groggy, it was difficult to have enough energy to just make it through the day. I was between insurance coverage and couldn't really get all the blood work done to get my prescription of synthroid refilled so I started looking for something natural that could possibly work for me until I could get the insurance coverage to get prescription refilled.”

And another...

“I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about a year ago and the doctor says that with the synthroid my hormone levels are in the normal range. I don't care what the blood tests are, I don't feel normal. I just started taking this product about 3 weeks ago and I can already tell a dramatic difference in my energy level.”

This happy customer had a severe case of Hashimoto thyroid disease leaving her tired every day...

I have been using this for a few weeks now and I am very please with the results. I have hoshimoto thyroid disease which leaves me tired most days. I also work nights which makes it a challenge to stay awake despite 8 hours of sleep. I take this in the evening to prevent any interactions with my synthroid. The results are amazing. I have so much energy and wake up feeling refresh each day.

And thousands of happy customers with over 370 of them leaving glowing reviews for ThyroAid!

When you purchase ThyroAid, you not only get the benefits of applying the NEB formula, but so much more -- including:

Simply put, ThyroAid is the most advanced thyroid support formula available anywhere, and the 1000s of satisfied users are testament to the quality, results, and ultimate success of the product.


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I've been taking this supplement for about three weeks now

I've been taking this supplement for about three weeks now. I can't say I notice a sizable difference in energy but it certainly has not hindered it either. I'm willing to give it more time and see if the effects become more noticeable.

- Jody Miller

Great product!

Before writing a review I decided to use the product for at least a month. I have had blood tests over the past two years that show that my thyroid is low normal and I wanted to find some kind of support through natural supplements. I am very pleased with the product so far and have just ordered more. I have increased energy, better sleep and a lot less hair loss. I am extremely happy with this product!

- Colorado Mom

Recommended. Please note

I have had zero side effects with this supplement when I changed over from the natural ones. I will continue this product because of my faith and belief in the quality of Nutracraft products. Recommended. I have been taking a prescription thyroid for many years as mentioned, but I am now on my 2nd bottle and the change in my energy levels is quite noticeable!

This product somehow decreases my appetite, resulting in less food consumed, and as a result I have lost a few pounds without making any efforts! Nutracraft produces the very finest products out there and I am now a firm beliver in this great product, period!

I feel better naturally and I have noticed that this product boosts my overall positive nature towards stressfull situations! I will continue this thyroid product from Nutracraft from here on in! Recommended very highly!!

- Dr. Robert E. Champion

Right now, you have a choice to make:

Option 1: Continue to do nothing, and worry about your thyroid health and functionOROption 2: Try ThyroAid risk-free and get back to living your life to the fullest! Start to see and feel your body restored to its natural balance!

Stock Up and Save!

Anyone who is concerned about their thyroid health may wonder what they can do to keep it functioning within normal levels.

But now, you can take control and give your body the nutrients it needs to properly support normal thyroid health while restoring balance throughout the body – naturally! Stock up and save with special, limited-time pricing on ThyroAid when you buy 3, 6, or more bottles!

And remember, you're backed by our Empty Bottle Guarantee!

We want you to feel safe and confident about using our specially formulated, all-natural supplement, which is why we stand behind our product with our exclusive Empty Bottle Guarantee.

If you don’t see and feel a noticeable difference in overall wellness and health, then we don’t want you to feel obligated to keep using ThyroAid. You may need to see your doctor to have tests run to determine more about your thyroid function. Simply send the bottle back to us for a refund of your purchase*, no questions asked.

Great product!

This product has been such a blessing in disguise. I have always known I had an under active thyroid gland. I always felt fatigued, cold, and always in a terrible mood. But now I'm sleeping better and also I don't get cold like I did. My health has definitely improved and I actually started feeling much better. I will definitely be buying more when I run out.

- John Jamison

Amazing product.

I suffer from periods of low t5, and I have hair loss, fatigue and hip pain. I am on thyroxine but need a little bit of extra help. This product so far has been amazing. No pain grumbles, no fatigue. I'm hoping my hair will stop falling out!! I feel so much better already. It complements my prescription thyroxine. Would defo recommend this product.

- Jayne Bond

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I was put on Levothyroxine by my PCP with no results. I now no longer feel that urge to nap every afternoon, I have more energy, have been able to lose a couple pounds, and overall feel great!

- Melissa Cogan

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1000s of satisfied customers can’t be wrong!

Here’s what some of the thousands of people who have tried ThyroAid have to say about it!


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