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Have You Got A Fatty Liver? 6 Fatty Liver Disease Symptoms

In modern times, our livers are constantly being stressed. Due to our overeating along with the processed food we take in on a regular basis, our livers are getting overwhelmed. Pollution and toxic chemicals from the air, water, food, and medications add to the liver’s burden. A healthy liver is intricately involved in metabolizing and breaking down fat...

Scientists Claim To Have Reversed Menopause?

In the past few decades, many middle-aged women have experienced relief from the side effects of menopause thanks to therapies like bioidentical hormone replacement or even herbal supplements that contain plant-based estrogens. Now a group of scientists at a Greek fertility clinic is claiming to have gone one step further. Gynecologist Konstantinos Sfakianoudis presented the findings of a...

Tapeworms Found In North American Salmon

Whatever is in the food you eat might get into you as well. Food contains beneficial nutrients like vitamins and minerals, but it can also contain bad things like industrial pollutants or pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Some aspects of seafood are, in theory, great for our health, such as the EPA and DHA fatty acids found in...

54 Top Almond Milk Smoothies

Plant-based milk is one breakthrough innovation for milk drinkers. It became a popular alternative to cow's milk and is very common in the market today. Almond milk is a popular plant-based milk. It benefits the body in  many ways, such as weight loss, stronger bones, improvement of vision, and maintaining a healthy heart. And importantly, plant-based milks like...

6 Best Foods To Beat Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and chronic stress are ubiquitous problems in modern societies. Our rushed pace of life and constant worrying take a toll on our enjoyment of life and health. Most of us are aware of de-stressing techniques such as exercise, meditation, and deep breathing. But what you may not know is that the food you eat can impact your...

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