6 Things to Look For When Choosing a Nutritional Supplement

Should you buy the best-selling supplement or the one that a top television show host recommends? When you look at the label of a supplement, do you know what to look for? What about the company’s website? Do you know the red flags that clearly provide clues that you should look elsewhere?

At Nutracraft, we know that all this is very important. Frankly, many companies doing supplement research don’t know this information because they often use the wrong form of a vitamin or mineral, give the wrong dosage, or use a form that isn’t even active in the body.

To ensure high quality, you need transparent labeling, reasons why certain ingredients were used in the supplement, a good price for the value of the product, whole herbs and whole food sources of vitamins and minerals, and reviews by customers who actually used the product. Nutracraft delivers all this, and more!

What You Must Know To Choose A Nutritional Supplement

This may seem like an awful lot to remember, but it’s easier and will make sense if we take each one of them and get all the details. Ready to tackle this topic? Let’s go.

1. You Need High Quality

There are three clues that you are buying an excellent, high-quality supplement:

  1. The supplement is manufactured at a Good Manufacturing Practices facility, one that follows the high standards the FDA creates for pharmaceutical drugs. If you have the chance to take a tour, you will find that these facilities are quite amazing. Everyone wears protective clothing, all hair is tucked out of sight, and hands are gloved. With GMP standards, you can see the high level of sanitation, and it should make your heart sing. Quality assurance is what makes you sleep better at night!

  2. The ingredients they choose are obtained in raw form. The company spends much of their time choosing high quality raw materials, and they demand a Certificate of Analysis for each one. They don’t let anyone try to fool them, and until that COA is in their hands, they won’t make any guesses as to what the ingredient really is. A COA is the way the company makes sure it is getting the right ingredients that provide you with real health benefits.

  3. The product has been assured via a third party quality assurance organization. One of these organizations is NSF.org, and their assurance comes with the term “NSF certified.” NSF verifies each product for GMP, accurate labeling, and safety.

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Believe it or not, there are companies that won’t have any of these. Perhaps their reasoning is that they are a new company, and they are waiting for XYZ. At Nutracraft, we are serious about what we do and how we do it. We know there is nothing more important to you than a high quality supplement, and we ensure that you get it.

2. You Want Real Herbs and Standardized Extracts

When it comes to herb ingredients, at Nutracraft, we know it is imperative to have standardized extracts. This means that the herb is guaranteed to contain an exact amount of one active ingredient, each and every time. The Germans were one of the first to write the herbal monographs that state the active ingredients in each herb.

It’s good to know what is in a standardized extract, but it can also raise a lot of questions. Was the herb genetically modified to get a higher percentage of the standardized ingredient? Was a chemical version of the ingredient added in? All these questions can create confusion.

Herbalists know that the grand design of an herb is a lot better than the one standardized ingredient. The whole herb contains dozens, if not hundreds, of medicinal ingredients, and all of them are there for a reason. If one ingredient can potentially cause side effects, another constituent will counteract the side effect. This is why many people will not suffer any side effects from a whole herb but will from a standardized extract.

At Nutracraft, we know our suppliers, and they know our high standards of quality. We know the best time to purchase the herb and even what part of the world it comes from. When it comes to Nutracraft supplements, there are no questions. Our whole herbs provide you with pure and proven ingredients.

3. You Need Transparent Labeling

If you have allergies to any foods, you want to know exactly what and how much you are getting. However, it’s possible that a company is so far advanced that they have developed a proprietary formula with smaller amounts of other ingredients that they can’t list because of a pending patent.

In this case, you’ll have to call the company and tell them about your allergies and how deathly ill they make you. Then ask them if their proprietary formula contains those allergenic foods.

The dosage for the serving size should also be listed, and how many capsules should be taken daily.

The percentage of the vitamin and mineral that is in the supplement should be listed on the label. It’s not all right to only have 30% of the biotin level you need in a multivitamin or a B complex. It’s not okay to not have pantothenic acid, choine, or inositol in a B complex. It’s not okay to not have phosphorus or vitamin K or vitamin A (retinoic acid) in a multivitamin either.

The label must also state who should NOT use the product. For example, the words “Not for pregnancy, lactation, or menopause” would explain who might have potential side effects.

At Nutracraft.com you’ll see that each and every one of our products has a complete, easy-to-understand product description, a clear explanation of the product label so you know exactly what you are getting, and questions about our products from people just like you. There is no waiting for answers to your questions. The FAQs provide all the information you need to know about our products, especially that they have thousands of fans and followers.

4. You Want to See the Proof

Today research on all types of natural ingredients is plentiful. The mark of a good company is that they went the distance to find quality ingredients, prepare it for their formulator, and ensure that the studies were sound. These studies should have been run by legitimate universities, research facilities, and hospitals.

There should be a section on the company website where you can see studies for the ingredients included in the product as well as the benefits of the product ingredients.

Each Nutracraft product listing provides the ingredient label and a list of benefits and scientific studies for the individual ingredients in the product.

5. You Want a Good Price

By comparing our prices to other supplements in the same category, you can see that you are getting the best supplement out there at a price that’s right. At Nutracraft, there is no overcharging.

In many cases, if the product is new to the market and the company conducted research for ten or more years prior to releasing it, you can bet that the price will be high. The comparative pricing strategy comes into play for products that have been on the market for a long time because if you wait about six months, another copycat company will come along and try to compete for a piece of the market. In this case, you have your choice of what to do. Do you need the benefits now? Is your life dependent on it? If so, you may want to go with the original company’s product.

It’s always best to go with an original inventor than a copycat who hasn’t taken the time to truly learn and know about the product and its ingredients. At Nutracraft, we stand behind our products. They are all natural, non-toxic, and quality-controlled in a top-of-the-line, FDA registered facility using Good Manufacturing Practices.

Tip: Look for a money back guarantee. If a product costs a little more but has a money back guarantee then I'd choose that over a cheaper alternative. You don't want to buy a product, no matter how cheap, that doesn't work.

6. You Need to See Truthful Reviews by Customers

Amazingly, business practices changed drastically when companies took their products online. One of the deceptive practices some companies use is to hire freelance writers to write Amazon reviews on their products. This practice could be done in a legitimate way, but when they don’t provide the supplement for the reviewer, there’s little honesty involved. The writer is forced to go to Amazon, read up on what everyone else is saying and creatively write a review.

This is why Nutracraft provides you with verified customer reviews so you will know the truth. We do know, however, that a customer’s experience with a product doesn’t mean you will have the same experience. You are two completely different people with completely distinct health histories and health needs. Use your intuition on the final decision – and you will never go wrong.

However, remember that another customer’s experience with a product doesn’t mean you will have the same experience. You are two completely different people with completely distinct health histories and health needs. Use your intuition on the final decision – and you will never go wrong.

Which supplement brand meets all 6 criteria?

You can trust Nutracraft for high-quality nutritional supplements based on solid research studies, GMP status, whole food ingredients, whole herb ingredients, transparent labeling, and verified customer reviews. All of our products meet the seven criteria that you should demand when choosing a supplement. At Nutracraft, we know you want supplements that you can trust. And for that, you can trust Nutracraft.

With a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied there is nothing to lose. Click here to access the Nutracraft range of products.

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