10 Best & Worst
Fruits for
Weight Loss

Discover the 10 best and worst fruits for weight loss in this just-released breakthrough nutritional report by Nutritionist, Evan Burns.

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  • The snackable little fruit that benefits nearly every part of the body, from the brain and heart, to the liver and pancreas!

  • The sweet tropical fruit that could be sabotaging your weight loss goals!

  • Why these types of juices may do your body more harm than good

  • Why buying canned fruit at the grocery store can be harmful - even if it’s 100% natural!

  • And much more!

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“Is fruit good or bad for weight loss? This ebook will explain to you what types of fruit will help you shed pounds and which could make you gain pounds. At the heart of this issue is the role of glucose and insulin in fat accumulation as well as the role of fruit’s effect on the liver and how that helps you gain or shed pounds.”

Evan Burns - (MSc Nutrition), Lead Researcher at Nutracraft

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