12 Step Program For Natural Menopause Symptom Relief

Evan Burns (MSc Nutrition) has spent years researching natural healing techniques. Now, he’s putting his extensive knowledge to work for menopause sufferers to help them find lasting, natural relief.

In this FREE report, you’ll learn:

  • Which three major life-changing habits will have the BIGGEST impact on your menopause symptoms (and #2 is one that’s super-easy and fun to do!)

  • The simple dietary changes you can make to fight back against hot flashes, night sweats and much more.

  • Which natural herbs work best to help fight menopause symptoms safely and naturally

  • Which extract produced a 47% decrease in the number of hot flashes in a group of 80 women.

  • Plus much more!

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“I’ve spent years researching the effectiveness of natural ingredients, and it’s clear that there is ample evidence that the natural compounds covered in this report can ease the symptoms of estrogen deficiency seen in menopause.”

Evan Burns - (MSc Nutrition), Lead Researcher at Nutracraft


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