12 Top Foods for a Healthy, Thick Head of Hair

Discover the 12 top foods for naturally healthy hair, as recommended by Nutritionist Evan Burns.

In this insightful guide, you’ll learn:

  • The tasty tropical treat that works to prevent hair loss whether you put it on your hair or eat it (or both!)

  • The three vegetables that form a perfect trifecta to help prevent hair loss and ensure greater hair strength and thickness

  • Sipping on this beverage every day will not only help promote stronger hair, but give your body numerous other benefits as well

  • The weird little seeds that multiply hair growth - you’ll definitely want to snack on these!

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“Please read this ebook if you have hair loss or are worried about hair loss. In it, I’ve given the reader the most critical nutritional info they need to know regarding their hair. What typically causes hair loss? Can eating certain food and taking certain herbs stop hair loss and promote hair growth? Read and find out what steps you can take to get a healthy head of hair. ”

Evan Burns - (MSc Nutrition), Lead Researcher at Nutracraft


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