13 Top Foods to
Reduce Uric Acid
& Fight Gout

Evan Burns (MSc Nutrition) has spent years researching natural healing techniques. Now, he’s putting his experience and knowledge to use to help gout sufferers find lasting relief.

In this detailed guide, you’ll learn:

  • 3 foods you MUST AVOID to greatly reduce your chances of another flare up.

  • How to reduce symptoms and fight uric acid build-up naturally without the side effects.

  • New and promising research that can help you turn the tide against an abundance of uric acid and find relief.

  • Over a dozen different foods and dietary steps you can take to reduce inflammation and pain from gout

  • Plus much more!

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“It is clear that diet can profoundly affect the experience of gout sufferers. How you eat will affect to what degree you suffer or even if you suffer at all from gout. Since the core cause of gout is the buildup of uric acid, this illness is unusually simple to address. So take action, eat the right things, and improve the way you feel and move!”

Evan Burns - (MSc Nutrition), Lead Researcher at Nutracraft


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