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13 Tricks to
Curb the #1

Evan Burns (MSc Nutrition) has spent years researching natural healing techniques. In his new report he reveals 13 rarely used tricks to naturally curb the #1 Fat Producing Hormone so you can start losing weight today.

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Inside this report you’ll discover...

  • The role Insulin has as a FAT PROMOTER in your body

  • The 4 lifestyle TRICKS that keep Insulin down and help you lose weight

  • Why excess weight is the least of your worries and 9 ways high blood sugar is slowly killing you.

  • The 9 natural and rarely utilized ingredients that support blood sugar levels (#1 and #6 are my favorite!)

  • How to manage blood sugar levels already within normal range and lose weight by supporting your body’s natural Insulin functioning

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“After years of studying, in depth, the impact of nutrition on health and physiology, I’m confident that this ebook will give people valuable information to transform their health by taking control of the #1 hormone that affects weight. Attributes like these are very modifiable - there is a multitude of ways to effectively lower this hormone and lose weight.”

Evan Burns - (MSc Nutrition), Lead Researcher at Nutracraft


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