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Boost Your Body’s Natural Defenses Against Parasites - Starting TODAY..

Discover How This Unusual Blend of Natural Ingredients Can Help Your Body Fight Back Against Parasites

X% of Americans have have intestinal Parasites![1] and may not even realize it! Don’t become an unwitting host -- keep reading to find out more!

PLEASE NOTE: Parasitic infection can mimic the symptoms of food poisoning -- be sure to read all of the following if you’re concerned about infection or are traveling to an area where parasitic infections may be common.

My name is Evan Burns and I’m a lead researcher here at Nutracraft. Recently, I’ve been researching natural ways to prevent parasite infection. I’m sharing my latest discovery with you here in the hopes that you’ll take steps to help your body fight back against parasites without the need for prescriptions or the harsh side effects that come with them.

Most people in first world countries don’t think much about parasites. They think they only affect the poorer parts of the world, where unclean water and food are the norm.

But my research has revealed something completely different. Parasites can and do exist everywhere. And how they spread, and just how prevalent they are will SHOCK you.

For Example:

Giardiasis - A parasite most commonly found in backcountry streams and rivers, this highly common invader is also prevalent in swimming pools and can infect you through drinking or coming in contact with contaminated water.

Toxoplasmosis - A parasite that reproduces only in cats. If you have a litter box, you may have toxoplasmosis parasites and not even know it. Don’t get rid of your kitty -- keep reading to learn how to fight back!

Amoebiasis - Mimics the symptoms of “traveler’s diarrhea”, this parasite can be found in feces and often infects young children. It can also be found in garden fertilizer.

Trichuriasis (Whipworm) - Most common in tropical countries. Contamination can occur in unclean food and water and even certain fleas can transmit this parasite.

And these are just a few of the many different kinds of parasites out there - just looking to surprise an unsuspecting host -- like you.

What are Some of the Most Common Symptoms of a Parasite Infection?

Just Who Are These Parasites and Where Do They Come From?

1. Protazoa: Single-celled organisms that can live and replicate inside you. One example is the nasty giardia infection which, contracted from dirty water, can cause severe health problems and symptoms like weight loss, vomiting, and malnutrition.

2. Helminths: Often called “worms”, these multi-celled organisms include flatworms, thorny-headed worms, tapeworms, and roundworms. In horrific cases, tapeworms (which look like big white worms) can grow up to several feet long! Imagine the nightmare of having a monster like that living in your intestines!

How Do You Get a Parasite Infection?

Parasites can be contracted by coming into contact with contaminated water, food, or bodily waste. Parasites can theoretically be just about anywhere. And if you’re eating food that isn’t washed properly or is contaminated, you may ingest parasites. Oftentimes their eggs and larvae are microscopic, so the only way to know for sure is to be tested by a doctor.

If you are not producing enough protective and digestive stomach acid, parasites might have an easier time entering into your intestines without being killed.

Your Body Has Built-In Natural Defenses Against Parasitic Infection -- But Sometimes It Can Use a Little Help...

Parasites can be treated with prescription drugs -- but these drugs also come with a host of side effects including vomiting, gastrointestinal pain, dizziness, fever and headaches. Imagine having a parasite and then suffering these effects on top of that -- you’d feel miserable! But Sometimes It Can Use a Little Help...

The good news is that your body’s immune system is excellent at fighting off different kinds of parasites. It does this through the activation of certain kinds of cells, as well as increasing the production of sticky mucus to help sweep out infections.

There are even “parasite diet” guides out there that teach you how and what to eat to try and cut off the parasite’s food supply (often made of sugars and carbs). But that still does nothing to eliminate the root cause -- and let’s be real, you can never truly eliminate all sugar and carbs from your diet!

What You Need is a Multi-Pronged Solution -- a One-Two Punch that Boosts Your Body’s Natural Defenses and Helps Prevent Re-Infection Plus a Diet Adjustment to Break the Parasite’s Life Cycle

Because if they can’t feed on you and can’t thrive inside you - they’ll simply wither up and die.

ParasiteClear Helps Your Body Fight Back -- Naturally!

The key ingredients in every capsule of ParasiteClear are specifically designed to help make your body as inhospitable to parasites as possible -- without making you miserable with side effects. In fact, some of its natural ingredients may surprise you with just how effective they are at killing parasites and their eggs!

Miracle Ingredient #1


This aromatic herb contains eugenol, one of the most potent natural germicides in the world. As a testament to just how strong the antimicrobial agents in cloves are, in traditional herbal medicine, they have been effective in killing the bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites behind such endemic conditions as malaria, tuberculosis and cholera.

Miracle Ingredient #2

Black Walnut

Black walnuts are found in abundance in natural woodland areas. Their hulls are often dried and ground. Black walnut is often used in herbal remedies to help bolster the body’s immune system in ridding itself of pinworms, candida albicans (the fungus that causes yeast infections), and ringworm, a parasite that causes skin infections.

Miracle Ingredient #3


Wormwood, as its name implies, has been used throughout history to rid the body of worms, particularly pinworms and roundworms. It is also a potent anti-malaria treatment. This herb has been tested and shown substantial efficacy against the malaria parasite and a host of other parasites [5]. Studies in labs have validated wormwood’s broad-spectrum effectiveness [5].

Miracle Ingredient #4

Pumpkin Seeds

You might not expect innocent pumpkin seeds to be parasite-murderers. After all, these seeds aren’t some sharp, spicy herb that makes your tongue numb - they’re just seeds.

Nevertheless, these nutritious treats can knock those evil parasites right out from where they snuck in. In an animal study, they significantly decreased the parasite egg count in feces [2]. Tasty and effective against parasites -- it’s a win-win!

Miracle Ingredient #5

Oregon Grape Root

This herb contains an active component, berberine, that has been used for thousands of years, notably in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat infections of the gut. Berberine has been evidenced by research to kill all sorts of pathogens in the intestines, including parasites [3]. Historically, Oregon grape root was thought to be a type of barberry, a traditional European remedy for digestive, liver and gallbladder issues. It has been used to treat cholera as well as giardia parasite infections.

Miracle Ingredient #6

Golden Thread and Goldenseal

These herbs contain berberine as well and there is some evidence that golden thread and berberine compliment each other in killing ability [4]. Goldenseal is also an antibacterial and antiviral herb.

Miracle Ingredient #7


Garlic is a powerful anti-microbial herb that has traditionally been known to treat all sorts of intestinal infections. It can be used against bacteria, fungus like candida, and parasites as well. Modern science has validated its impressive anti-parasite activity.

Research has shown that it works against giardia - a parasite that causes severe digestive distress - as well as nasty nematodes like hookworms, pinworms, and whipworms that can take up residence in your gut and make you miserable [1]. Scientists have studied garlic’s killing capability so well that they know which components are responsible for its awesome killing action. Garlic also appears to be quite safe for use, like most herbs -- not to mention, it’s delicious!

Miracle Ingredient #8

papaya fruit

The seeds from papaya fruit have strong anthelmintic and antiamoebic properties. This means they kill intestinal worms and other parasitic organisms in your digestive system and using papaya seeds for parasites has proven to be very effective.

A Multi-Pronged Plan of Attack that Kicks Parasite Out of Your Digestive System

Parasites are unforgiving. They burrow into the lining of your intestines and gut and make you feel miserable. Imagine living each and every day with what feels like a bad case of food poisoning. Parasites sap your energy and munch away happily on the nutrients your body needs to thrive -- and survive.

It’s time to reclaim your body and stop being a welcoming host. In short, it’s time to kick out these unwelcome guests.

Nutracraft ParasiteClear #1 Parasite Formula

If You’re One of the Millions of People Affected by Parasite Infections - ParasiteClear Can Strengthen Your Body’s Natural Defenses

Even if you haven’t been traveling recently (or especially if you have), you can still become infected and not show any symptoms (yet).

With ParasiteClear, you’ll enjoy a risk-free way to help detox your body and rid yourself of embarrassing parasites the natural way. And because you’re protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose -- except the nausea, bloating and diarrhea that have been plaguing you every day.

And it’s easy to use. Just two capsules three times a day is all you need -- ParasiteClear is the “heavy artillery” of natural herbs that parasites aren’t expecting.

The Top Selling
Anti-Parasite Formula -
NutraCraft ParasiteClear

Most Doctors Don’t even know to Look for Parasites when a Patient Complains of Gastrointestinal Distress and weakness!

You could be shuffled from doctor to doctor without any hope of a cure, as they attempt to treat you with antibiotics, antiviral and anti-fungal drugs -- which may help for a little bit, but do nothing to halt the parasite lifecycle.

With ParasiteClear, you’ll be able to:

  • Enjoy food again - without the bloating and abdominal discomfort!

  • Live your life to the fullest without embarrassing and sudden bathroom trips

  • Feel more energy as parasites no longer sap the nutrients your body needs to thrive

  • Improve your ability to concentrate and focus without the “mental fog” caused by lack of energy

  • And much, much more!

  • And you’ll get all of this from a supplement that --

  • Contains no chemicals, no parabens (which cause cancer), no SLS, and no fillers…

  • Is NOT tested on animals...

  • Uses only natural, organic ingredients...

  • Doesn't contain harmful toxins...

  • Is made in an FDA registered facility recognized for good manufacturing processes

  • Purity tested - Every batch is tested for impurities and contamination so you can trust what is on the label is in the bottle and NOTHING ELSE!

  • Is actually affordable!

Don’t be surprised if, when you start using ParasiteClear, you begin to see the “remnants” of parasites in your stool -- another sign that the product is working! A few people may experience flu-like symptoms (headaches, tiredness, abdominal cramps) -- this is simply the toxins being released from the parasites as they are dying off. The natural ingredients in ParasiteClear, combined with drinking plenty of water, will help flush out your system.

For best results we recommend taking the product again in 2 weeks to help break the lifecycle of lingering parasite eggs that may still be present.

Traveling with a Group of Friends?
Make Sure Everyone Knows About ParasiteClear!

The last thing you want to be burdened with when traveling to another country is a sudden parasite infection because of unclean water or food. Nothing has the potential to make your trip come to a screeching halt quite like a roundworm or pinworm infection.

And if you’re traveling with friends or if you travel often, you owe it to yourself and them to share the news about ParasiteClear. The truth is, you now have an ally in your corner to help you fight back against nasty parasites. Stock up and save today!

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Money Back Guarantee with Stamp

Give Nutracraft ParasiteClear a try in your own home with no risk!

If you don’t have more energy, clearer mind and feel healthier in 10 days, just send the empty bottle back and we’ll refund your money!*

That’s our hassle-free, risk-free promise!

And Remember, You’re Backed By Our “Empty Bottle” Guarantee!

We want you to feel safe and confident about using our specially formulated, all-natural supplement, which is why we stand behind our product with our exclusive Empty Bottle Guarantee. If you don’t see and feel a noticeable difference with:

  • The color and consistency of your bowel movements (hey, it’s gross but when you’re dealing with parasites, it’s a key indicator in how well your anti-parasite regimen is performing)

  • A decrease in bloating, gas and other embarrassing side effects of a parasite infection

  • Less itching, redness and rash around sensitive areas of the body (most notably the rectum and vulva - the preferred hideout of pinworms)

  • More energy along with a decrease in feeling tired or mentally “foggy”.

Then we don’t want you to feel obligated to keep using ParasiteClear -- you may need to see your doctor for more stubborn or frequent infections. Simply send the bottle back to use for a refund of your purchase*, no questions asked.

Your Friends Will Want To Know Your Secret To
Youthful Energy and Sharper Mind!

People aren’t just going to notice the new you, they’ll want to know how you did it!

When they realize that you didn’t just return from a $1,000 weekend health retreat, they’ll search through your cabinet room looking for your health secret!

You can either share it with them, or keep this secret all to yourself!

Order Today and Get This Special Guide Emailed to You FREE

At NutraCraft, we don’t want you to just have to “deal” with the parasite menace. That’s why we’re giving you a FREE guide entitled How to Cleanse Your Body from Parasites FAST -- yours absolutely free when you buy one or more bottles of ParasiteClear.

In this helpful guide, you’ll learn how to eat in order to make your body as “parasite-proof” as possible -- making sure the nasty little critters don’t get their fill of valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you need to thrive. This approach, combined with a regimen of ParasiteClear, can help you regain your body’s natural balance and wellness -- without harsh side effects.

(More info about the ebook when I receive it)

In fact, here’s what people who have tried ParasiteClear have to say about it!


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"Nutracraft's products are The Best

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Charls L. Bay

Nutracraft's products are specifically designed to help improve your health

"Nutracraft's products are specifically designed to help improve your health have type 2 diabetes I do not get up the natural way. Try a Nutracraft supplement today and see for yourself why great stuff and I am fully confident their customers come back, again and again!" will be much lower and show less Jenny Allan, FormulatedFitness.com"

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"I no longer have back aches and since I have type 2 diabetes I do not get up 3 times a night to urinate. this is some great stuff and I am fully confident that at my next Dr,s visit that my levels will be much lower and show less protein in the kidneys. thank you so much"

Rhonda J. Cobb

Candida Overgrowth After a Course of Antibiotics

"CandidaGone does what it says for me, the yeastie beasties are indeed gone! I love that this product contains some probiotics that help replenish good gut bacteria, as it is important to maintain that balance as well. Often, we deal with candida overgrowth after a course of antibiotics that skew our healthy gut bacteria and this product helps to put those back. If you are dealing with symptoms of yeast overgrowth, I recommend this product in conjunction with a low yeast detox diet. It worked for me!"

Jenny Allan, FormulatedFitness.com

Nutracraft's products are specifically designed to help improve your health

"I am on my 2nd bottle of ProstaBio and I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from active bladder problems. I am taking it 3 times a day with meals as directed. It has reduced my frequent trips to the bathroom as well as the intensity of those urges. According to my MD and a urologist I don't have anything officially wrong with my bladder other than the need to go a lot. ProstaBio has definitely helped me!"

Jenny Allan, FormulatedFitness.com

6 Other Reasons You’ll Love Nutracraft ParasiteClear

Order with confidence!

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And, in the interest of full disclosure, we’ve compiled a complete list of all of the natural ingredients (and their amounts) in each capsule of ParasiteClear. We’ve also included links to clinical research and trials that have shown the effectiveness of natural ingredients in treating parasite infections.

Ingredients and Directions


  • Zinc (amino acid chelate) 10 mg

  • Proprietary Blend 1,475 mg

  • Cranberry (11% extract)

  • Garlic Extract (1.2% allicin)

  • Apple Pectin Powder

  • Black Walnut Hull Powder

  • Carrot Juice Powder

  • Papaya Fruit Powder

  • Pau D'Arco Powder

  • Pumpkin Seed

  • Echinacea Angustifolia Powder

  • Wood Betony Powder

  • Butternut Bark Powde

  • Cloves Powder

  • Wormwood Powder

  • Oregon Grape Root (10:1 extract)

  • Blueberry Leaf (20% extract)

  • Golden Thread (20% extract)

  • Goldenseal (5% extract)


2 capsules taken 3 times daily preferably with meals for 10 days. Repeat in 2 to 3 weeks if necessary or as directed by a health care professional.