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Concerned About Thinning Hair? Seeing More Hair in the Shower Drain than On Your Head?

Discover the breakthrough 'PINK Formula' that reverses thinning hair in both men and women!

The First Natural Hair Loss and Thinning Hair Product that Targets The Main Cause of Hair Loss!

From the Desk of Evan Burns (MSc Nutrition)

Lead Researcher at Nutracraft

It’s normal to lose a few hairs here and there, but when you start to notice more hair in the drain than on your head, or that you’re spending more time covering bald spots than actually styling your hair, you know something just isn’t quite right.

And, like it or not, full thick, healthy-looking hair is a source of pride – and a source of attraction. You know “the look” – the one where gorgeous flowing locks catch the eye and become almost irresistible.

And whether you’ve been dealing with thinning hair for some time, or you’ve resigned yourself to baldness for the rest of your life, chances are you secretly would give anything to have those luscious locks back.

You try to eat right and follow a healthy lifestyle, but your hair keeps thinning. At this point, you’ve pretty much resigned yourself to baldness. Since hair loss runs in the family, all you feel you can really do is invest in ball caps and roll your eyes as yet another joke is made about your thinning hair or bald spot.

But Genetics Aren’t The Only Causes of Hair Loss...

Many of us simply assume that if hair loss runs in our family it’s just a matter of time before it becomes our turn as well. But beyond genetics, there are many other causes of hair loss – many of which you may not have even considered as contributing factors, including:

  • Aging - Hair follicles naturally shrink as we age, causing the hair we do have to become thinner.

  • Thyroid Imbalance -Severe, prolonged hypothyroidism (too little thyroid hormone being produced) and hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone being produced) can involve hair loss across the entire scalp.

  • Malnutrition - Not getting enough of the right nutrients from the food you eat can cause hair to become brittle and break more easily, leading to hair loss or bald patches.

  • Eating Disorders - Eating disorders can contribute to malnutrition, which in turn has a domino effect of serious repercussions, including hair loss.

  • Illness - Certain types of illness can lead to hair loss, especially if you are dealing with a prolonged or chronic condition.

  • Hormonal Imbalances Caused by Birth Control Pills - Birth control pills work by regulating the amount of specific hormones in a woman’s body. Depending on how much of the hormone is produced naturally, some birth control pills can skew this balance, contributing to hair loss.

  • Stress - Multiple divorces, deaths in the family, and other significant events can cause a great deal of stress, which in turn can cause hair loss. Women suffer from the effects of stress-related hair loss more than men.

  • Reduced Circulation to the Scalp - Your scalp is constantly being fed nutrients through your bloodstream. If circulation to your scalp is reduced, fewer of the nutrients your scalp and hair need to thrive will reach their intended destination, causing hair follicles, and the hair they contain, to fall out.

But none of these factors can compare to the number one cause of hair loss:

Too much DHT!

DHT is a hormone that is typically responsible for the development of male characteristics such as muscles, a deeper voice, and the growth of body hair. But in some people, DHT production goes into overdrive, resulting in hair that grows before it’s ready, which in turn causes it to fall out before it can be replaced.

But simply knowing the causes isn’t enough, which often leads people to ask:

Can Anything Be Done to Stop or Prevent Hair Loss?

There are a handful of prescription treatments for hair loss, each with their own risks and side effects. For example, Rogaine (Minoxidil) and Propecia (Finasteride) are both popular hair loss treatments. Rogaine is massaged directly into the scalp, while Propecia is taken as a pill. But it is only available to men. (Women shouldn’t even handle it because of serious risks during pregnancy.)

This may lead you to feel like you’re “stuck” paying for expensive prescription medications or hair transplant surgery.

Thankfully, there’s an alternative.

New research and scientific studies have been conducted on a variety of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients to determine the role they play in helping to prevent hair loss and encouraging healthy scalp and hair growth.

If you look up natural hair growth supplements, chances are you’ll read about some small-scale studies on biotin or folic acid for hair loss. But one extract alone can only help so much.

You may also have considered changes to your diet, such as adding more fruits and vegetables, but many dietary changes force you to uproot your lifestyle or don’t give you enough of the core nutrition your body needs.

What you need is a natural multi-pronged solution! What you want to look for instead, is a natural hair growth formula that follows the PINK Formula.

Introducing the secret ‘PINK Formula’ to reduce hair loss and strengthen new hair growth

The PINK Formula is a proven, four-pronged strategy of not only helping to reduce the rate at which hair is lost, but also help strengthen new hair, so that every strand grows back thicker and fuller than before .

PINK stands for:

Preventing stress

Improving hair follicle

Normalizing DHT production

Keratin Production

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the PINK Formula so effective:

Preventing Oxidative Stress - Oxidative stress is one of the core contributors to hair loss and balding. Oxidation of the hair, skin and the body in general even happens if you aren’t particularly stressed, but if you are, you’re that much more susceptible to its effects. Fortunately, mother nature’s own medicine cabinet is full of herbs, extracts, vitamins and minerals that help prevent oxidative stress and empower your body with rich antioxidant nutrition.

Improving Hair Follicle Blood Flow, Nutrition & Strength - What good is growing back your hair if it still stays thin and brittle? One of the most important components of the PINK Formula involves improving the strength and nutrition within each hair follicle, so that every strand is bursting with the components it needs to grow healthier and stronger.

Normalizing DHT Production - Since DHT is a key part of the body’s hormone production, you can’t stop its production altogether. Even genetics plays a role in how much DHT you produce. Thankfully, even if you feel like you just can’t win against DNA, you can take steps to naturally normalize your DHT production by consuming specific foods that help to block or inhibit too much DHT.

Keratin Production - Keratin is one of the core “ingredients” of healthy hair, and as you age, your body’s ability to produce this building block decreases, making hair weaker and thinner. Like with DHT, you can boost your body’s own natural keratin production with enough of the right vitamins and minerals.

So What Natural Remedies Exist to Help With These Issues?

Well, you could go eat a clean diet rich in plants including foods like broccoli, tomatoes and green tea as well as foods rich in biotin and zinc for an extended period of time. But for most, that's a rather unenjoyable option and you won’t know how much of each food to eat or if the foods you are eating contain the proper nutrients to improve hair growth.

Fortunately, you DON'T need to go on a very clean plant based diet, although I do recommend upping your plant intake and eating clean.

A better option for improving hair growth and limiting hair loss is with a selection of natural herbs, extract, vitamins and minerals each of which has been evidenced in scientific research to help in combination with diet to normalize DHT levels, boost Keratin production, minimize oxidative stress and improve hair follicle strength ease OR a combination of all three... exactly what you need to follow the PINK Formula.

In fact, by combining an plant rich diet along with these select herbs, vitamins and mineral you can help amplify the effects and enjoy the confidence more stronger hair gives you without spending $100s or even $1000’s on expensive shampoos and hair treatments which don’t address the root cause!

Unlock The ‘PINK Formula’ with these 10 natural ingredients

We have researched scientific studies to find the best natural herbs, extracts, vitamins and minerals that have data to backup their hair growth and hair strengthening properties.

In fact, some of these natural ingredients may surprise you with just how effective they are at addressing all 4 areas of the ‘PINK Formula’. These ingredient include:

Ingredient #1 Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a small fan palm found growing wild in the warm climates of the southeastern US. The main action of this herb in health is through blocking the “active site of the enzyme” 5α-reductase. The 5α-reductase enzyme is responsible for the creating the DHT hormone which when produced in excess can causes hair loss† . By blocking this process excess DHT production can be limited.1

One in vitro study demonstrated a 50% reduction in this enzyme similar to leading prescription solutions .2

If you can control DHT production you are 1/4 of the of the way to addressing the PINK Formula and unlocking hair growth. This makes Saw Palmetto extract a key component of any hair loss formula.

Ingredient #2 Green Tea

Green tea’s health benefits have been known for centuries. It is chock full of antioxidants, but did you know that it can also promote hair growth , even in places where hair had been lost previously?3, 4 It has also been shown to block DHT receptors, in a similar way to Saw Palmetto, and inhibit the mechanisms responsible for thinning hair .5

In a 2017 in vitro study, Green tea was shown to enhance human hair growth by preventing cell death and stimulating hair cell growth by stimulating pro-growth enzymes and down-regulating apoptotic or cell death enzymes .6

As an added bonus green tea has been shown to enhance blood vessel dilation7 suggesting it may help improve nutrient delivery to the hair follicles by improving blood flow .

Ingredient #3 Pygeum Africanum

The fruit of this small African shrub has shown promise in controlling DHT8, a key contributor to hair loss

Ingredient #4 L-Cysteine

L-Cysteine is one of the key building blocks of the main hair protein, Keratin. Without enough keratin, hair is weak and brittle, and hair loss is more likely to occur .10

Ingredient #5 Grapeseed Extract

An extra which offers numerous antioxidant benefits,11 a key driver of overall health and nutrition, including the growth of healthy hair . It helps nourish the scalp by improving blood flow, and better circulation allows more nutrients to reach the hair follicles faster .12

Ingredient #6 Ginkgo Biloba

Like grapeseed and green tea, ginkgo also has excellent antioxidant effects which can reverse the oxidative stress that can cause hair to fall out.13 It also helps improve blood flow to many important areas of the body, including the scalp . 14

But that’s not all...

In addition to these natural remedies, proper nutrition is also crucial to stronger, healthier and more luxuriant hair growth. The right vitamins and minerals in the right amounts can help improve hair thickness and shine, in addition to helping provide hair with the core building blocks it needs to grow. These include:

Ingredient #7 Silica

This mineral is a key component of hair and is important for overall hair growth and hair “brightness”† 15. In one study on women ages 21 to 75 with self-perceived thinning hair silica improved “Hair volume, scalp coverage, and thickness of hair” after 90 days .16

One in vitro study demonstrated a 50% reduction in this enzyme similar to leading prescription solutions .2

If you can control DHT production you are 1/4 of the of the way to addressing the PINK Formula and unlocking hair growth. This makes Saw Palmetto extract a key component of any hair loss formula.

Ingredient #8 Zinc

Another mineral that helps inhibit the process by which testosterone is converted into DHT.17 Zinc is also closely connected to thyroid and metabolism, and oftentimes, zinc supplementation can improve thyroid function .18 For patients who have poor thyroid function, hair loss is one of the tell-tale symptoms.

Ingredient #9 Biotin

Biotin helps your body break down substances in the foods you eat, including fats and carbohydrates . A lack of biotin in your diet can lead to thinning of the hair, and even a loss of hair color. Biotin is found in a wide range of foods including eggs, milk, and meat. Vegans or vegetarians may have some trouble getting enough biotin in their diets.

Ingredient #10 Pantothenic Acid

By itself, pantothenic acid doesn’t do a whole lot. But when it’s paired with Cysteine it helps to create Keratin, which as mentioned, is vital for hair health and growth .19 In fact, pantothenic acid is so vital, it’s often found in a wide range of treatments for everything from asthma and respiratory conditions to heart disorders, skin conditions, osteoarthritis, and more.

Pantothenic acid is often found naturally in our hair when we’re young. As we age, the amount of pantothenic acid is depleted. Manufacturers often add this B vitamin to shampoos and conditioners, but this only helps treat the surface of the hair. It does nothing to treat the underlying structure or consistency of hair unless it is taken internally.

Ingredient #11 Copper

Copper peptides help to nourish the scalp. They are particularly beneficial for people who are undergoing or who have undergone chemotherapy. As copper peptides are anti-inflammatory, they help to heal inflammation of the scalp and skin while also improving the size of hair follicles, which in turn can grow fuller, thicker hair /p>

Ingredient #12 Choline

Choline is produced in the liver and also found naturally in a variety of different foods. It helps support the integrity of cell membranes, including the structures that make up hair, skin, and nails. This, in turn, means that hair is stronger and less brittle. It also helps cells better communicate with each other and boosts the efficiency of a host of B vitamins.

Ingredient #13 Inositol

Inositol is a component produced naturally in the body and also found in certain foods. It is typically used to treat conditions where too much testosterone is produced.

That’s a Huge List! Should I Really Be Taking All of Those Supplements to Prevent Hair Loss?

Buying each one of these supplements individually can cost you a small fortune. In addition, if you don’t carefully monitor dosages, you may find that you’re getting too much of one nutrient and not enough of another.

Also most supplements on the market only address one or two of the underlying causes of hair loss. Only supplements which follow the PINK Formula combine natural ingredients together with herbal remedies to create a fuller, more comprehensive hair loss solution.

It’s a game of nutritional roulette as far as your health is concerned. So why risk it? Especially when you can take just 3 capsules of this all-in-one hair growth formula once a day.

Introducing HairXcel, A 4-in-1 Solution that Supports Hair Regrowth, and Hair Health -- Naturally!

HairXcel not only contains 13 powerful herbs and extracts, including ALL 13 natural ingredients mentioned above, like biotin, green tea and saw palmetto, but it also includes the ingredients in specific synergistic doses so that all of the components work together in perfect harmony, promoting healthy, nourished hair growth that’s fuller, thicker and stronger .

The key ingredients in every capsule of HairXcel are specifically designed to calm the belligerent DHT, improve hair follicle blood flow and nutrition, minimize oxidative stress and promote natural Keratin production .

By addressing all 4 parts of the PINK Formula, HairXcel is the perfect solution if you are struggling with hair loss or slow hair growth and the self esteem issues it can cause.

Just take 2 capsules per day and let SCIENCE do the rest. Best results are seen after 3 months of continuous use as the ingredients work together to create the perfect environment for hair growth which naturally takes time.

Every bottle of ProstaBio is manufactured in the USA under strict cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards in an FDA-registered facility, which means that we follow the safest manufacturing processes and add no fillers to our supplements. You’ll get a full month’s supply of ProstaBio (90 capsules) and FAST shipping, so you can start working to protect your prostate health at any age!

In addition to making dietary changes to your lifestyle, taking just one ProstaBio three times a day can help naturally lower DHT levels and support a healthy prostate.ƚ It’s as easy as taking one pill with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Plus, when you order today, you’ll also enjoy:

  • 100% real, natural resultsƚ - Don’t suffer in silence any more

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    Promising Results After a Few Weeks - Front Hairline Filling In Slowly.

    I noticed results after a few weeks. Hair follicles that were empty at the front of my hairline started filling in. Still need to continue to see if it maintains and/or improves.


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