Discover How the Innovative BAN Method Can Help Support Healthy Kidneys against Environmental Toxins, Inflammation, and Damage!

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From the desk of Evan Burns (MSc Nutrition)

Lead Researcher at Nutracraft

Your kidneys are one of the hardest-working organs in your body, filtering out toxins and preventing damage to other systems throughout the body. But if you eat a high-protein diet, drink considerable amounts of alcohol, smoke, or have uncontrolled diabetes, you may be putting too much stress on your kidneys, causing them to work sluggishly or function poorly.

But what’s actually happening when you eat that burger, smoke that cigarette, or drink that beer?

Let’s take a closer look:

Your Kidneys - Masterful Sorting and Filtration Systems

Your body goes through a lot on a day-to-day basis. It has to break down the food you eat and convert that food to energy. It also has to stay hydrated, but not just any liquid will do. Your kidneys act like a giant filtration and sorting system, filtering out toxins and ensuring that your body gets only the good stuff, without the bad.

Much like a super-powered sewer system, the kidneys help ensure that toxins and other waste products are flushed out through the urine.

What Happens When You Put Unnecessary Stress on the Kidneys?

When you smoke, drink alcohol, eat a lot of protein, or all of the above, your kidneys have to work even harder to separate the good stuff from the junk, and all that added stress can cause them to behave sluggishly.

And the best way to reverse this trend is to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle. Stop smoking, cut back on red meat and fatty foods, and so on.

Habits like these take time to change, and even if you do change, the damage may already be done.

Thankfully, there is another way.

New research and scientific studies have been conducted on a variety of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients to determine the role they play in helping to support kidney health and normalize the factors that can lead to kidney damage.

If you look up natural kidney support supplements, chances are you’ll read about some small-scale studies on diuretics or horsetail for kidney health. But one extract alone can only help so much.

You may also have considered changes to your diet, such as adding more fruits and vegetables, but many dietary changes force you to uproot your lifestyle or don’t give you enough of the core nutrition your body needs.

The good news is that along with a healthy diet and exercise, there’s a way that you can naturally support your kidney health.

What you need is a natural multi-pronged kidney supporting solution that follows the BAN Method!

Introducing the secret BAN Method to support kidney health and protect your kidneys from further damage

The BAN method is a proven, three-pronged strategy of helping to provide nutritional support for the kidneys, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support for healthier, whole-body wellness.

BAN stands for:

Blood Sugar Normalization

Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Support

Normalize Blood Pressure

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the BAN Method so effective at supporting kidney health:

Blood Sugar Normalization

Normalizing blood sugar levels is a key component of kidney health. Blood sugar levels that are out of control can cause significant kidney damage. Taking proper steps to control your blood sugar can help with kidney function as well. And while this supplement does not lower blood sugar, it can help keep your kidneys functioning within normal levels through its added nutritional support.

Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Support

The kidneys can handle a lot of waste, but they struggle to deal with the damage from oxidation (free radicals) and the body’s own inflammation.

Although inflammation is one of the immune system’s methods of destroying viruses and bacteria, if left untreated it can also cause organ damage.

The BAN Method incorporates antioxidant vitamins and anti-inflammatory ingredients as part of its goal to help support proper kidney health.

Normalize Blood Pressure

High blood pressure damages the vital blood vessels that nourish the kidneys and help them in turn filter your blood and other fluids throughout the body. Maintaining normal blood pressure helps prevent added strain on the kidneys and is an important part of overall kidney health.

So What Natural Remedies Exist to Help Address ALL 3 Parts of the BAN Method?

Obviously, you should never stop taking any prescription medicine for these particular conditions without consulting your physician.

If you are looking for a natural way to support normal kidney function, you could eat a clean diet rich in plants, including foods like ginger, green tea, lemon, turmeric, cranberry, fish, and more for an extended period of time. But for most, that's a rather unenjoyable option, and you won’t know how much of each food to eat or if the foods you are eating contain the proper nutrients to support kidney health.

Fortunately, you DON'T need to go on a very clean plant-based diet, although I do recommend upping your intake of the foods mentioned above.

A better option for improving kidney health and minimizing stress related damage is with a selection of natural herbs, each of which has been evidenced in scientific research to help, in combination with diet, maintain normal blood sugar levels, maintain normal blood pressure levels, or provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to reduce extra stress on the kidneys

OR a combination of all three ... exactly what you need to follow the BAN Method.

In fact, by combining a plant-rich diet along with these select herbs, you can help amplify the effects and without spending $100s or even $1000s on expensive products which don’t address the root cause!

Unlock The BAN Method with these 10 natural ingredients

We have researched scientific studies to find the best natural herbs that have data to back up their blood pressure, blood sugar, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

In fact, some of these natural ingredients may surprise you with just how effective they are at addressing all 3 areas of the BAN Method.

These ingredients include:

Ingredient #1 VitaCran® Cranberry

VitaCran® Cranberry cranberry extract is a must-have ingredient in any kidney support supplement!

One in vitro study demonstrated a 50% reduction in this enzyme similar to leading prescription solutions .2

If you can control DHT production you are 1/4 of the of the way to addressing the PINK Method and unlocking hair growth. This makes Saw Palmetto extract a key component of any hair loss formula.

Ingredient #2 Nettle

Nettle has also been shown to act as a natural diuretic7 to help flush excess water out of the body.

Ingredient #3 Astragalus

This adaptogen herb has been used throughout history to fight stress and inflammation.

In humans, a review of more than twenty studies involving 1,323 people found that astragalus consumption improved many markers of kidney function (such as serum creatinine and protein loss in urine).†1 It may also help maintain normal blood sugar levels and work as a natural diuretic to help flush out the kidneys.

Ingredient #4 Turmeric

The benefits of this flavorful spice need no introduction. For the kidneys, it is useful due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.2

But that’s not all...

A number of other herbs have shown promising kidney health benefits by addressing the 3 areas of the BAN Method. In one study on Horsetail, this aptly-named herb helped block the formation of a key inflammatory protein.†3

The tasty fruit Blueberry is an excellent choice for maintaining blood sugar within normal levels, in addition to being a potent antioxidant. In numerous studies, Cinnamon has demonstrated that it can help control blood sugar levels.

The African plant Buchu has considerable use in traditional medicine as a natural diuretic 5 for the kidneys to help flush out toxins.

This flowering herb Goldenrod has been shown in clinical studies to work not only as an anti-inflammatory but also as a diuretic, and it is thought to help prevent the formation of kidney stones.†6

On top of all that, there are a number of other fruits like strawberry, raspberry, and ginger that contain high ORAC levels that should be included in your diet or any good quality kidney supplement.

That Is a BIG List! Do I Really Need to Take ALL These Supplements to Help My Kidneys?

Of course, you could run out to your local vitamin store or pharmacy and buy each one of these supplements individually (if they even have them), but that would cost you a small fortune.

In addition, if you don’t carefully monitor dosages, you may find that you’re getting too much of one nutrient and not enough of another.

Also most supplements on the market only address one (if any) of the underlying causes of poor kidney health. Only supplements that follow the BAN Method combine natural ingredients together with herbal remedies to create the perfect environment for optimal kidney health.

It’s a game of nutritional roulette as far as your health is concerned. So why risk it? Instead, you can enjoy all the benefits of the BAN Method and the healing power of these proven natural ingredients in one small, easy-to-take capsule.

Introducing KidneyKind, A 3-in-1 Solution that Supports Kidney Health -- Naturally!

KidneyKind not only contains 10 powerful herbs and extracts, including ALL 10 powerful herbs mentioned above, like nettle, green tea and astragalus, but it also includes the ingredients in specific synergistic doses so that all of the components work together in perfect harmony to support normal kidney health.

The key ingredients in every capsule of KidneyKind are specifically designed to address each part of the BAN Method by keeping blood pressure within normal levels, maintaining normal blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, and fighting free radicals.

By addressing all 3 parts of the BAN Method, KidneyKind is the perfect solution if you are struggling with poor kidney health or function. Just take 2 vege capsules per day with plenty of wate,r and let SCIENCE do the rest.

No Junk, No Fillers — Just Pure, Powerful Extracts

Every bottle of KidneyKind is manufactured in the USA under strict cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards in an FDA-registered facility, which means that we follow the safest manufacturing processes and add no fillers to our supplements.

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