A Free $10 Gift Card As Our Way Of Saying Thanks!

A Free $10 Gift Card As Our Way Of Saying Thanks!

Hey, I'm really sorry to hear that you feel you're not getting any value of our emails or the Nutracraft commun

However, I still want to help and I think I have a solution. I'm guessing that you connected with us because you needed help with your health.

Is that a fair assumption?

... you probably still need to solution to that problem right?

Well, I wanted to offer you a $10 gift e-card for our store (no string attached).

You see, I really want to help you improve your health and get you feeling like your true self again even if it requires giving you free money :)

All you need to do to use the gift card is enter the following code at checkout and we'll automatically take $10 off.


I really hope you take us up on the free offer.

Talk soon,

Matthew Williams

Nutracraft Community Manager