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12 Natural Remedies to Support Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Your cells rely on glucose to power them. We need some sugar in our blood to function normally.

But that’s not an excuse for going to grab a candy bar!

The sugar your body uses should come from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It is true that your body can also generate its own sugar, if necessary, from non-sugar nutrients like fat and protein.

Ideally, we want our blood sugar to be on the lower side of “normal.” The problem is, most people have blood sugar that is too high. And high blood sugar causes damage throughout our body, increases our chance of developing disease, and makes us age faster.

Whole plant foods help us maintain normal blood sugar levels because the fiber and antioxidants in them help slow down sugar absorption. Processed foods like refined carbs, candy, and soft drinks spike our blood sugar, and sometimes this spike can cause our body to overcompensate with excessive insulin that plunges our blood sugar below normal levels.

Ideally, we want our blood sugar to be on the lower side of “normal.” The problem is, most people have blood sugar that is too high. And high blood sugar causes damage throughout our body, increases our chance of developing disease, and makes us age faster.

There are many reasons why a lot of people have high blood sugar:

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Aging (blood sugar tends to rise with age)
  • Some medications
  • Stress
  • Large meals

For the sake of your health, you should even guard against after-meal blood sugar spikes because they can continually inflict damage on your body.

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How Do You Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels?

Many of the most powerful tools that lower high blood sugar are herbs and natural compounds. Let’s take at look at the most effective ones.

1. Bitter Melon

A variety of studies have shown how bitter melon can lower the level of blood sugar, and researchers believe that part of the reason for this is the induction of the AMPK enzyme [1]. AMPK is an energizing enzyme that triggers the burning of fat and sugar. When you get older and don’t exercise much or eat too much, this enzyme is less active.

2. Chromium

Chromium is a trace element that facilitates proper insulin production in the pancreas [2]. Insulin is needed to move glucose out of the blood and into cells to be used. Research has shown that supplementation with chromium lowers fasting glucose levels [3].

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is another nutrient that enables insulin to function properly, and thus clears excess glucose from your blood [4]. Magnesium has been found to increase insulin secretion and increase the efficiency of insulin’s ability to ferry sugar out of the blood [5].

A large review on magnesium's effects in diabetic patients found that most studies have demonstrated that magnesium is beneficial [4].

4. White Mulberry Leaf


The powdered leaves of this herb are often used in Chinese medicine, and mulberry tea has been shown to reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes [6].

5. Gymnema Sylvestre

This anti-diabetic herb is native to the tropical forests of Sri Lanka and India. Gymnemic acids in this herb block sugar absorption in your intestines, reducing the rise in blood sugar after eating.  It can also block the taste of sugar to your taste buds, reducing sugar cravings [7].

6. Guggul

A revered herb in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, guggul is used by traditional healers as an anti-inflammatory agent. Some preliminary studies have shown promise in using guggul to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels [8].

7. Biotin

Biotin is a B vitamin that is integral in the metabolism of sugar [9]. Biotin reduces a diabetes marker, HbA(1c), that is an indication of how much damage sugar has done to the hemoglobin protein in red blood cells [9]. Higher blood sugar levels cause this damage (HbA1c) to increase. Biotin also reduces blood sugar levels [9].

8. Alpha-Lipoic-Acid

This acid is found naturally in your body, where it functions as an antioxidant and enables energy production in your mitochondria. As a supplement, it can exhibit impressive detoxification and antioxidant effects, and can lower blood sugar and insulin [10]. In one study, fasting blood glucose was “significantly” reduced in type II diabetes patients [10].

9. Juniper Berries

Berries, because of their high antioxidant content, can help level out blood sugar. A couple of studies have testified to the ability of juniper berries to lower blood sugar [11][12].

10. Taurine

Taurine’s antioxidant effects are thought to prevent the damage caused by high blood sugar, and it appears that taurine enhances insulin’s ability to ferry glucose into cells [13].

11. Cassia Bark

In addition to being a flavorful spice added to many dishes, cinnamon has also been shown to lower fasting glucose levels by 3-5% [14].

You may know this ingredient by another name – cinnamon. In addition to being a flavorful spice added to many dishes, cinnamon has also been shown to lower fasting glucose levels by 3-5% [14].

12. Licorice Root

Yet another herb that balances out high blood sugar, along with having many other therapeutic effects [15]. Make use of these therapeutic herbs to get your blood sugar under control! Stay balanced and protect your long-term health.

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Evan Burns

MSC in Nutrition

Evan Burns

MSC in Nutrition

Evan has years of experience researching and writing about the health effects of food and nutritional supplements.

He is especially passionate about nutritional pharmacology and the bioavailability, efficacy, and actions of supplements. He wants to spread knowledge about how effective diet and supplements can be at treating ailments and promoting well-being.

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