12 Signs That You May Have High Blood Sugar

You better believe that high blood sugar is bad. It causes a lot of damage to your body, contributes to nearly every degenerative disease, and accelerates aging.

That’s why it's so important to balance your blood sugar and keep it at lower, healthier levels.

Besides the long-term effects, if you do indeed suffer from high blood sugar, you’ll probably notice annoying symptoms that currently affect your life.

If you don’t exercise much, eat refined carbohydrates (pasta, pizza, white bread), eat sweets, and get stressed out a lot, you’re at a higher chance of having elevated blood sugar.

Below are a list of symptoms that could mean you have high blood sugar.

Signs You May Have High Blood Sugar

1. Fatigue

It’s very common for people to feel tired in modern society, and high blood sugar can contribute.

When your blood sugar is chronically high, you develop insulin resistance, which means that your cells are no longer as receptive to insulin’s messages. Without insulin unlocking your cells to deliver glucose, the sugar doesn’t get into your cells. And if your cells don’t have sugar to use for energy, it leads to a feeling of tiredness.

2. Excessive Thirst

High blood sugar sends an alarm to the kidneys so that they start rapidly excreting glucose through your urine. Water is excreted along with the glucose, and your brain gets the message that you’re losing fluid. The result is thirst!

3. Excessive Urination

    Along with excessive thirst, you’ll be peeing out more than is comfortable if your blood sugar is high. As your kidneys receive too much glucose from the blood, they will try to get rid of it by causing you to pee it out.

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      4. Blurred Vision

      Excessive blood sugar causes the lens of the eye to swell, impairing vision. In the long term, high blood sugar levels can also damage proteins in the eye, resulting in permanent damage.

      5. Accelerated Skin Aging 

      If your skin looks bad for your age, your blood sugar could be a little high. Sugar can damage the collagen in your skin by a process called glycation. Sugar attaches to and mutilates this protein, resulting in wrinkles and loss of firmness.

        6. Difficulty Concentrating

          When your brain is dehydrated from excessive urination and glucose isn’t getting into your brain cells because insulin sensitivity is lost, it’ll be hard to think straight.

            7. Itching Skin

            Itching skin is a common symptom of chronic high blood sugar. There are many reasons for this, including poor circulation, increased inflammation, and nerve damage, all of which are caused by sugar.

            8. Erectile Dysfunction

            Men, beware! The circulatory and nerve damage that poor blood sugar control causes can prevent erections.

                9. Excessive Hunger

                  When your cells lose their sensitivity to the insulin constantly being elevated, your cells aren’t being fed enough glucose. Your body feels like it’s not getting enough food when the reality is the energy just isn’t being delivered to the cells. 

                    10. Dry Mouth

                      A dry mouth is another sign of excessive urination and thirst that high blood sugar causes.

                        11. Dry Skin

                        When your body loses ots of water through excessive urination, your skin loses moisture.

                        12. Numbness in Hands or Feet

                        Neuropathy occurs when your nerves have been damaged. Similar to the skin’s aging caused by sugar, damage to your nerves is caused in large part by glycation.

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