If You Have Cracked Lips, Brittle Nails, or Hair Loss, You Need These 4 Vitamins in Your Body!

Do you find yourself constantly licking your lips or going through countless tubes of lip balm?

Are you finding more hair on the brush or in the shower drain than you normally do?

Does you skin look dull and lifeless despite a daily skin-care regimen?

Do your nails chip or break easily?

If you have any of these issues, your body may be secretly crying out for help.

Nutritional help.

The good news is that with the right nutritional support, you can reverse this trend of hair loss, nail breakage and sagging skin -- naturally!  Here’s how:

Nutrition and Your Appearance

Sure, you can spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on manicures, pedicures, and a host of skin care ointments and anti-aging creams.  Some people even spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic facelifts to improve their appearance.

But you don’t need to take such drastic, costly steps to look your best.  True beauty comes from within, and I don’t just mean your personality.

Your health and nutritional habits play a key role in how you look.

You might be surprised to learn that certain foods, vitamins and minerals can profoundly affect the way you look (and feel!)

B vitamins, in particular, play a significant role in cosmetic features, such as your hair, skin and nailsƚ.

B Vitamins for Beauty

B vitamins are crucial for the workings of the trillions of cells in your body. There are eight B vitamins that play various roles in the health of your body, such as generating cellular energy, repairing DNA, and making neurotransmitters that uplift your moodƚ.

But what you may not realize is that there are four B vitamins that affect your appearance as well. B vitamins are crucial for thick, healthy hair, strong nails and soft lips, as well as smoother, more youthful-looking skinƚ.

The secret is in the internal structures responsible for the growth of your hair and nails, and the regeneration of skin cells.  These structures are made up of vital proteins and molecules such as collagen and keratin.

When we’re young, we have an abundance of these things. This is why skin-care marketing companies have usurped the use of terms like “baby-soft skin” -- because they know that there is nothing softer or more pure -- and those are sentiments they want you to feel when you buy their overpriced skin cream.

But those creams and ointments only help the skin on the surface.  They don’t address the underlying problem that’s causing the brittleness and dryness to begin with.

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Here are the B Vitamins You Need for Healthier Hair, Skin and Nails:

1. Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Also known as vitamin B7, biotin is involved in generating the proteins in healthy hair, nails, and skin 1ƚ.

Research has shown that biotin supplementation consistently improves the hair and nail health of people with “brittle nail syndrome or uncombable hair” 2ƚ. Also, deficiency of biotin is known to promote baldness 3.

One supplement that contained biotin, along with other ingredients, increased hair growth in women experiencing hair loss 4ƚ.

2. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is crucial for generating the strong proteins that make up much of your skin, hair, and nails. 

Research has shown that vitamin B6 deficiency results in reduced collagen synthesis in the body, which makes for sagging wrinkled skin that loses its youthful firmness and ability to retain moisture 5,6ƚ. Remember that 70% of your skin protein content is collagen, so the stuff is important!

B6 also enhances the building of keratin, the tough protein in hair and nails 12ƚ. Vitamin B6 is needed to incorporate the amino acid cysteine into keratin so that it can be strong 12.

3. Vitamin B12

You probably know that vitamin B12 is in meat, and your body needs it for many things. Some people have trouble processing or absorbing enough B12, and the resulting lack of the vitamin can take a cosmetic toll.

Vitamin B12 has an intimate and “complex relationship” with your skin 7. Deficiency certainly has a huge impact on your skin.  “[V]itiligo, canker sores, atopic dermatitis, and acne are related to” a lack of B12 7.

Also, “studies suggest that vitamin B12 is involved in collagen synthesis” 8ƚ.

4. Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

Research shows that people with “dull, thin, lusterless, and fragile nails” had significant improvement in the appearance and health of their nails after taking vitamin B5 9ƚ.

Vitamin B5 also helps build stronger skin by stimulating the proliferation of cells that make the strong keratin protein on the outermost layer of your skin 10ƚ. It helps fight acne and has a “skin softening activity” 10ƚ.

With regards to hair, researchers explain

“Pantothenic acid (B5 vitamin) prevents early graying of the hair, and it can restore it to its natural colorƚ. It is also responsible for proper growth of the hair due to the part it plays in cell division in hair follicles, and it gives proper moisture to the hair.” 11ƚ.

Do I Really Have to Take All of These Vitamins to Grow Healthier Hair, Skin and Nails?

Your hair, skin and nails are one of the first things people notice about you. And if your skin looks dull, your hair looks flat and your nails look brittle, people may ask if you’re feeling okay, or remark that you look a little “rough around the edges”. The good news is that you don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars in stocking up on all of these B vitamins.  You can get the right amounts of these and other crucial hair, skin and nail-loving ingredients with Nutracraft’s Hair, Skin and Nails formula.

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No more cracked lips, weak nails or thinning hairƚ. Take steps today to nourish your body from the inside out with a proven formula that helps you build stronger, softer, healthier hair, skin and nails.ƚ

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Evan Burns

MSC in Nutrition

Evan Burns

MSC in Nutrition

Evan has years of experience researching and writing about the health effects of food and nutritional supplements.

He is especially passionate about nutritional pharmacology and the bioavailability, efficacy, and actions of supplements. He wants to spread knowledge about how effective diet and supplements can be at treating ailments and promoting well-being.

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