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10 Top Herbs For Cleansing Your Colon

Knowing and understanding the herbs that assist your intestinal tract in restoring its own function is something we all need to know, and it’s rarely something your mother, doctor, or best friend will teach you.

Learn about the 10 herbs that are essential for restoring colon function below.


1. Slippery Elm

Slippery elm is one of the herbs that herbalists depend on although you may not read many medical studies on it. In 2010, there was one study that appeared in the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine that used two different preparations of slippery elm. The Australian scientists were testing to see if it would improve bowel habits and decrease abdominal symptoms that were associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

The thirty-one patients were divided into two groups based on if they were experiencing diarrhea or constipation. The group with the diarrhea received slippery elm bark, agrimony, bilberry, and cinnamon in their preparation. The group with the constipation received a mixture of slippery elm bark, lactulose, oat bran and licorice root.

Those in the diarrhea group experienced significantly less straining, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and IBS symptoms. Those in the constipation group experienced a 20% increase in bowel movements, and significantly less straining at the stool, abdominal pain and bloating. Their stool consistency was also improved. Slippery elm worked well in both conditions of the colon where normal function didn’t exist.

Slippery elm is just one of the many herbs contained in our premium colon cleansing formula, ColonClean.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used for centuries for constipation, skin diseases, infections, worms, and colic. In some countries, such as Trinidad, the herb is used for high blood pressure, while Mexicans use it for Type 2 diabetes. The Chinese use aloe vera for fungal diseases.

The biological activities of this plant occur because of the synergistic action, not any specific medicinal ingredient alone. It does contain anthraquinone glycosides. In one study of twenty-eight healthy adults, a medicinal constituent in the plant called aloin was found to be stronger than a medical stimulant laxative.

Interestingly, consuming 1 ml aloe vera tincture with 20 mg melatonin per day in 50 patients with advanced solid or metastasized tumors stabilized the disease in 12 of 24 patients. They also had a higher survival rate one year later.

Aloe vera is included in our ColonClean colon cleansing formula.

3. Cascara sagrada

Of all the herbs for colon regularity function, cascara sagrada is the king. Studies on this herb go back to 1883, when R.A. Lithgow wrote a paper for the British Medical Journal called Cascara Sagrada in Constipation.

Here are some comments from that original paper:

  • Cascara sagrada was well known and used, as the herb was recommended as a remedy for constipation in the 13th century.
  • Many authors commented on the effectiveness of cascara sagrada for constipation in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Cascara sagrada acts as a tonic to the digestive tract and promotes the assimilation of nutrients. “At the same time, it so influences the secretory system as to increase deficient, and to improve and restore vitiated secretions, by regulating the action of proximate visceral and intestinal glands.” (When the stomach and bowel muscles are atrophied, i.e. wasted away, then this herb works.)
  • “I have repeatedly known it to succeed in relieving and regulating the bowels when all the other usual remedies had failed.”
  • “My own opinion is that small doses, frequently repeated, will be found more satisfactory than large doses … While chronic constipation is complicated with gas and burping, deficient digestive juices and impaired muscle tone of the bowel, 10-15 drops three or four times a day either before, with, or immediately after meals will be found to give the most gratifying results. Two to five drops may be given twice or thrice daily to children of a month old… I know of no therapeutic agent which is altogether so reliable and satisfactory in the numerous cases I have had…”

Cascara sagrada acts by increasing the peristaltic action of the intestines.

We included a good dose of Cascara sagrada in our ColonClean colon cleansing formula.

4. Senna

Senna acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in the body besides being a purgative agent. The herb contains flavonoids, tannins, coumarins, anthrones, triterpenes, and plant steroids.

Senna is so effective at reducing chronic constipation that a medical study was designed for its use in children that had anorectal malformations in Salt Lake City in March of 2015.

The doctors noted that the forty-four children in their study had been born with malformations of the anus and rectum, had Hirschsprung’s disease or other anatomical problems with their colon. During the previous year, 50% of these patients had been hospitalized for obstructive colon, at least once.

The children were given high doses of senna or saline enemas. After one year of treatment, which was individualized to the child, there was an 82% reduction in hospital admissions for these anatomical problems. The doctors concluded that their program was effective and reduced hospital admissions in children with severe chronic constipation.

Senna is so effective at cleaning out the bowel that it was tested for its ability to be used prior to colonoscopy procedures. The study was done in Turkey, and the same day preparation for the exam using senna was effective and safe as a bowel cleansing protocol in 86.7% of the patients.

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5. Rhubarb

Scientists in Japan discovered how rhubarb works on the colon. Rhubarb contains sennoside A. The bacteria in the colon transform sennoside A into rheinanthrone, which becomes active. When there’s more rheinanthrone in the ‘environment’, sennoside A becomes much more metabolically active.

Other compounds that are found in colon-cleansing herbs such as emodin and aloe-emodin increase the metabolism of sennoside A. The purgative power of sennoside A was accelerated with more rheinanthrone.

Phytonutrients called anthraquinones in rhubarb all work together to give rhubarb its purgative properties.

6. Licorice Root

Licorice has been found to have strong effects against inflammation and is also a strong antioxidant.

This herb is used in ColonClean to help minimize the inflammation associated with indigestion and other digestive issues.

7. Fennel

In one Bulgarian study, twenty-four patients who had chronic, non-specific colitis were treated with an herbal combination that contained fennel, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, calendula and dandelion. The patients had been experiencing abdominal pain in the area of the large intestine that appeared without warning for some time prior to the study. The stool analysis showed abnormal flora.

After giving them the herbal combination, the abdominal pains disappeared in 95.83% of the patients by the 15th day. They had bowel movements daily, and defecation was normalized in those that had diarrhea syndrome. All the abnormal flora in the stool were gone as well.

8. Flaxseed

Animal studies have shown that when flaxseed is added to the diet, the probiotics in the colon change quite drastically – for the good. It also increases the branched chain fatty acids, and decreases inflammation.

Flaxseed is included in our ColonClean formula.

9. Psyllium

Psyllium gives bulk to the stool.

In one 2015 Alabama study, doctors and researchers looked into psyllium, a natural plant fiber. The patients in the study used each treatment for four weeks with two weeks of no treatment in between. The scientists were looking for a change in the number of times the patients had fecal incontinence.

Both treatments reduced the fecal incontinence incidents and improved the patients’ quality of life and severity of symptoms. However, constipation occurred in 29% of the patients on the medical treatment but only 10% in the psyllium treatments.

Psyllium husk is included in our ColonClean formula.

10. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

Although not a herb, MCT is a great addition. Your colon loves medium chain triglycerides. It is used as food for the colon bacteria, and plays an important role in minimizing inflammation.

We have included MCT in our ColonClean formula.


Often poor digestion and nutrient absorption is the result of a clogged and compacted digestive system.

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