15 Pounds of Poop In Your Belly & What To Do About It

Did you know that depending on your height, age, and diet you could be carrying around anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds of poop in your intestines.

And if this fecal matter is left to build up in your colon, you will start to experience health problems such as constipation, chronic fatigue, skin conditions, depression, and weight gain?

Before I go into how to clean up your digestive system, let me ask you a couple of questions to get to the bottom (pun intended) of why this is happening.

  1. Do you go to the bathroom as soon as you feel you need a bowel movement?
  2. When you finally did got to the bathroom, did you notice it was difficult to ‘go’?

According to many natural healing practitioners, the answer to these two questions could be linked to your colon issues. The problem is that no one explained any of the details about bowel movements to you.

More specifically, Mom and Dad didn’t tell you these 7 digestive system facts:

  1. When you first get the urge to go, you have to make every effort to go.
  2. If you have to wait to have a bowel movement, you have one more chance to go, and then your body reminds you in 10-15 minutes that you have to go NOW.
  3. If you don’t have the bowel movement after the second notice, your body shuts off the sensation. This ends up leaving the stool in the colon until your next meal.
  4. Your body was made to have a bowel movement after every meal.
  5. By suppressing the urge to go, you may end up with a lifetime of colon and digestive health issues.
  6. Constipation, if left unattended, may result in death from autointoxication. This is when the toxins in the colon diffuse into the tissues and poison your blood.
  7. Having only one bowel movement a day is still not good enough for optimal health, and you will end up having digestive tract symptoms.

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What Types of Digestive Tract Symptoms Occur When Bowel Function is Less Than Optimal?

If fecal matter begins to build up in your colon, it’s an open invitation to all types of symptoms.

Here is a list of some of those symptoms:

  • Gas and bloating
  • Pain in the abdominal area
  • Straining at the stool
  • Body odor
  • Unproductive at work
  • Headaches
  • Can’t focus or poor memory
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Skin conditions
  • Depression
  • Weight gain

Your health starts in the gut, considering that the colon is intimately related to every cell in the body. In fact, more than 90% of all chronic illnesses can be traced back to a plugged-up colon.1

The only way to maintain optimum health is to maintain a clean body, both inside and out. You have to keep the colon’s function going at a steady rate after every meal.

Maintaining a clean body starts with your diet, and what you eat determines whether you will live a healthy life.2

Don’t Blame Mom!

It would be easy to cry and say, “It’s all Mom’s fault! She never taught me any of this!” But the reality is that Mom wasn’t taught about her colon either. How could she teach you what she didn’t know? She may even have a colon issue right now that she’s struggling with.

The problem is that we’ve all fallen for the modern diet. The food is unnatural, hard to digest, heavily processed, and loaded with artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and GMO’s. According to research, eating whole and unrefined foods such as fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, and cruciferous vegetables tends to improve the function of the colon since they have high concentrations of fiber and are low in calories. Unlike the whole grains and vegetables, processed foods affect the linings of the colon by leaving a thick layer of mucus, which prevents the bowels from absorbing water and other minerals during digestion.

Moreover, the thickening of the colon’s lining affects bowel movements, which then leads to a buildup of fecal matter in the gut, an imbalance in the intestinal flora4and buildup of toxins. Without well-formed stools after each meal, you are most likely suffering from a toxic build up inside your digestive system.

Functions of the GI Tract

1. Absorption of minerals, vitamins, and water

All the cells of your body need nutrients to function. Your GI tract extracts them from the foods you eat. When food can’t move freely through your gut or when there is a lack of bacteria in the gut, the digestive system cannot effectively absorb all these vital elements. You can end up with malnutrition, deficiencies and other health complications.

2. Immune system functions – beating infections

Your digestive system enhances your immunity. Therefore, if you are constipated, your body can’t defend itself from disease and other infections. Instead, it has to put out the fire of bad things occurring from constipation. Your well-being greatly depends on the health of your colon6. Do a self-check now.

Do you get sick more frequently than normal? How many of your colds and flu bouts are due to a clogged colon?

3. Metabolism

Abnormal weight gain is attributed to slow metabolism, considering that ‘bad’ bacteria present in your digestive system are directly linked to weight gain7– and even diabetes.

In addition to a slower metabolism, the extra 2 to 5 pounds of waste hiding in your digestive system can impact your body weight.

If you can’t lose weight, switch your focus to removing waste from the colon.

4. Mood Balancing

Scientific studies have revealed a direct relationship between mental health in humans and an imbalanced digestive system.8

Many recent studies are even showing that the probiotic bacteria in your GI tract are directly connected to feelings of happiness.

Ask any natural healing practitioner, and you’ll find that no one can ever achieve optimum health unless their colon is working as it should. In fact, the longer the digestive tract issues go on due to a faulty colon function, the worse the health problems become.

Hippocrates was right!

Over 2,000 years ago, the famous Greek physician, Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” He knew what he was talking about

Fast forward two millennia of research, advancements in technology, and medicine to today. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Yale and M.I.T are all saying,“Death begins in your gut!”

Stop blaming Mom for your gut issues. It’s not your heredity that is causing the issues. It’s the everyday habits that are contributing most to your health. Get these right, and many health challenges will simply disappear.

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Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates once stated that “all disease begins in the gut.”

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