40 Signs You Need A Colon Cleanse & 4 Steps To Clean It Fast

In recent years, the gut (or gastrointestinal tract) has been the focal point of research on what contributes to overall health. And it’s been found that the gut is indeed the center of well-being. After all, the number of bacteria cells living in your gut (roughly 100 trillion) is more than the number of your own cells in your body (estimated to be around 37 trillion).

Your gastrointestinal tract is also quite long - 30 feet, in fact, from your mouth to your anus. Inside this long tube, nutrients are absorbed (or not absorbed) and hormones that affect how you feel, like neurotransmitters, are synthesized.

If you could go inside your gut and witness this vast ecosystem, it would be quite an adventure. But the fact is that you can be living in your body as you are right now and still not know what is going on with your colon.

However, you can get clues as to what’s going on in the vast world of your intestinal tract via the symptoms you feel. When you don’t have anything wrong with your digestive tract, you won’t have symptoms that cause pain and discomfort or compromise your general health.

Once things start to go wrong with this system, there will be symptoms. Below is a list of some of the symptoms that your body may be giving you, telling you it’s time for a clean out of your system, or a colon cleanse.

  1. Gas and bloating after meals or in between meals
  2. Undigested food particles in the stool
  3. Stool floats in the toilet
  4. Stringy materials like spaghetti in the stool
  5. Perfectly uniform round ‘things’ in the stool
  6. Black flecks in the water of the toilet
  7. Diarrhea
  8. Constipation
  9. Headaches
  10. Stomach pain
  11. Nausea
  12. Vomiting
  13. Abdominal cramping
  14. Depression
  15. Anxiety
  16. Can’t lose weight
  17. Poor memory
  18. Can’t sleep at night
  19. Acne
  20. Indigestion
  21. Stool doesn’t come out quickly
  22. Read while having a bowel movement
  23. Allergies
  24. Food cravings
  25. Hemorrhoids
  26. Sick with colds or flu frequently
  27. Hormonal imbalances
  28. Body odor
  29. Inability to concentrate mentally
  30. Fatigue
  31. Sexual dysfunction
  32. Pencil thin stools
  33. Appendicitis
  34. Bowel movements fewer than once every day
  35. Less than 2 bowel movements per day
  36. Straining at the stool
  37. Feels like there’s still stool in the rectum after a bowel movement
  38. Stool consistency is not formed (or the consistency of peanut butter)
  39. Rectal fistulas
  40. Rectal bleeding

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4 Steps Colon Cleaning Formula

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How long should I stay on the program

Everyone is different in how long they’ll have to stay on the program. I’ve had many patients with neurological disorders that have poor bowel function and end up taking close to a year to normalize their gut. On the opposite extreme are people who have very little wrong with their intestines and they finish the entire process in 3 weeks.

At the end of the 3 weeks, they make a decision to continue feeling good by rehydrating the colon in the morning. They continue eating a very healthy diet and one with large amounts of fiber in it from vegetables (primarily). They continue taking probiotics because they want their bacterial armies in the gut to be ready for battle no matter what.

There are other patients of mine who take a good 4-6 months to normalize colon function. These patients are ones who may have travelled to another country and picked up a parasite. They’ve tried single products here and there but never fully tried to restore the entire digestive tract, like what you are learning about here.

Just like how our living spaces need cleaning on a regular basis to maintain a healthy environment, our gut may need cleaning from time to time when it gets backed up or infected. If we’re eating poorly, like when there's little fiber in our food, then our good bacteria won't be fed and/or toxic waste gets built up because of constipation. And if our stomach acid isn’t strong enough or we're eating unclean food, pathogenic bacteria or parasites might not get killed and instead set up shop in the intestines.

Whatever the reason is for the improper functioning of your gut and the consequential suffering of your whole-body health, taking steps to clean out and press the restart button will leave you feeling much better and in a healthier state.

Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates once stated that “all disease begins in the gut.”

Knowing what we now know about modern medicine -- he may have been onto something.

If you’re struggling with feelings of tiredness or sluggishness, and your doctor has ruled out any significant health issues, it may be time to take a closer look...at your colon.

Your colon can hold up to 20 pounds of waste, and while your body is particularly efficient at ridding itself of most build-up toxins, sometimes it can use a little help.

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