9 Signs Your Kidneys Aren't Working Properly

Your kidneys do a lot of good for your body.

One of their main duties is filtering toxins out of your blood. They help keep your body clean in this toxic world. They also regulate water and fluid balance, blood pressure, pH in your body, and the production of hormones. 

But your kidneys might not be doing their job perfectly, possibly because you aren’t treating them right.

Are Your Kidneys Weak?

There are many factors in modern day life that can weaken a person’s kidneys, even though that person might not have a diagnosable kidney disorder.

Your kidneys are made of delicate filters called nephrons, the tiny functional units of the kidneys. The nephrons filter and clean the blood. If the blood pressure or blood sugar is too high, though, these filters can be damaged and thus can’t perform the kidneys’ duties.

Certain lifestyle habits can damage the nephrons of the kidneys by producing oxidative stress, inflammation, or high blood pressure.

If your kidneys are not as strong as they should be, there are clues that your body gives you. You just have to look for them.

Signs of Weak Kidneys

    1. High Blood Pressure


      This is an important sign that your kidneys could be weakened, and it is objectively and easily measured by a blood pressure monitor.

      High blood pressure puts mechanical stress on the kidneys and damages the blood vessels in your kidneys [1]. The kidneys need these blood vessels to deliver blood so that they can filter out waste. It is important to keep your blood pressure low to protect the kidneys.

      Next time you go to your doctor or anywhere else that has a blood pressure monitor, make sure it reads lower than 120/80 mm Hg.

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        2. Trouble Sleeping

        Insomnia is an extremely common complaint among people with kidney issues 2. For example, about 80% of people with kidney disease complain of daytime drowsiness and trouble sleeping 2.

        There are many reasons why weak kidneys make sleeping harder, researchers say. Dysfunctioning kidneys interrupt the sympathetic nervous system and keep it from producing its calming effect at night, and people with kidney problems seem to have a lower amount of the sleep hormone melatonin 2.

        3. Itching Skin

        The skin gets irritated by the dehydration and inflammation that kidney dysfunction often produces 3. And if your skin is irritated, it’ll be itchy!

        The kidneys regulate fluid balance in the body, and when that balance is off, the skin gets dehydrated. When the kidneys aren’t filtering toxins from your blood, the toxicity could produce extra inflammation and irritation.

        4. High Blood Sugar

          Like blood pressure, blood sugar can also be tested easily, but it does require a blood test.

          High blood sugar damages the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys and the kidneys’ ability to filter toxins 4. If your blood sugar isn’t well controlled, your kidneys won’t be working at their best 5.

          5. Excessive Daytime Drowsiness

          Feeling sleepy during the day is very common for people with kidney disease 2. Feeling sleepy during the day and having trouble sleeping at night could be a sign that your kidneys are experiencing  weakness.

            6. Swelling in Legs, Ankles, and Feet

              When the kidneys aren’t working properly, they’re unable to excrete extra fluid and sodium. This causes fluid retention, and you’re likely to notice it in your legs and feet.

                7. Puffiness Around the Eyes

                  With the fluid retention and inflammation that weak kidneys promote, you could notice some puffiness around your eyes.

                  8. Chronic Low Mood

                  We know that people with serious kidney problems are much more likely to be depressed6. Even if your kidneys are not in serious trouble but just sluggish, you could feel worse than your optimal level. Researchers think that the inflammation and circulation issues that generally accompany kidney problems could affect your brain function 7.

                  9. Metallic Taste in Mouth

                  As you know, the kidneys play a critical role in filtering waste out of your blood, but if they’re not filtering effectively, you might get a metallic taste in your mouth.

                  Don’t take your kidneys for granted because they have to filter all that toxic waste out of you.

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                  Evan Burns

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                  Evan Burns

                  MSC in Nutrition

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                  Your kidneys are one of the hardest-working organs in your body -- filtering out waste, toxins, pollutants and more.

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